Dove Creek Lodge: The Jewel of Key Largo

Dove Creek Lodge: The Jewel of Key Largo

Before we moved to Arizona, we took a trio to Orlando, Florida. We wanted to see Walt Disney World and explore some of the parks in and around Orlando. (I just heard today that Walk Disney never got the chance to see Disney World… Imagine that.) After we left Disney we drove south, and hit several cities along the way. On our way to Key West, our final stop of our tour of Florida, we stopped and stayed a couple of nights in Key Largo, one of the more scenic stops along the way. We stayed at a cute little place called the Dove Creek Lodge. I remember our room, too. Not sure what else we did there… Oh, we ate at a really cool place across the street from the hotel. Regardless, we had fun.

Yesterday I was cleaning out some boxes and found a flyer for the Dove Creek Lodge. I like to save things, especially from places I have been, for the chance that I will one day write a blog post about it. Well, today is that day! I am going to throw this away, but wanted to share what it says for my records. The front has the name of the hotel, their tagline, phone number and website address. The back explains more about the property.

Paradise Awaits…

Dove Creek Lodge is an intimate island style boutique hotel. Warm, friendly, and uncomplicated. Your definition of Paradise. Inspired by the lore of Hemingway’s Caribbean hideaways, Dove Creek Lodge is the perfect choice for your island retreat.

Located oceanside, Key Largo, Dove Creek Lodge sits adjacent to John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, in the center of the best fishing, diving and family fun you’ll ever experience.

No schedules, no rules. And no request is too unusual. Our friendly staff will work with you to fulfill your every need. Come, step through our doors and see what we’re all about.

Dove Creek Lodge Amenities

  • Luxurious oceanview and gardenview accomodations
  • Delicious complimentary continental breakfast
  • Oceanfront pool and hot tub heated year-round
  • Boat slips marina fee applies). Free boat trailer parking
  • Outdoor poolside entertainment areas with pool table
  • Situated adjacent to Snapper’s Waterfront Restaurant & Bar
  • Stainless steel BBQ grill and mosaic picnic tables
  • Wi-fi service on property
  • Covered automobile parking
  • All rooms non-smoking, and sorry, no pets

Snapper’s!!! That’s it. I literally forgot the name of that place. I do remember Snapper’s Waterfront Restaurant & Bar being a bit overpriced… But hey, it’s Key Largo! I also remember seeing signs for manatees, but I didn’t go find them. Also, I didn’t realize that you could dive there. Go figure! Guess we need to go back. See… This is why I save things like this. They WILL turn into blog content. I can’t wait until I retire and all I do is blog. I have always wanted to write a book. Maybe I can write a book where the chapters are blog posts.

Have you ever been to Key Largo?