Joel Fletcher Interview

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Joel Fletcher

Joel Fletcher was at INTL in Scottsdale recently, and well… He brought the house down. This kid, and he really is a kid, knows how to put on a good show. Joel is only 21, but he understands how to produce some of the best electronic dance music out there right now. His hit single “Jetfuel” is, well… Turn it up. I had the chance to sit down with him before his show at INTL for an interview. You would never know he was only 21. Joel is wise beyond his years. It was fun meeting him and dancing the night away. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Joel Fletcher.

You are on a pretty aggressive North American tour right now. You recently hit INTL in Scottsdale. Did you do anything special for that show?

I just wanted to bring the bounce and deliver a very energetic performance like I normal would – hopefully you liked it.

You started when you were only 14 years old and saw success almost right away. Tell me what it was like seeing so much success at such a young age.

I have always just taken things in my stride and always kept setting realistic goals to keep moving forward. My dad is a musician, so I was always surrounded by it. I LOVE IT.

What is the dance music scene like in Australia?

The Aussie scene is booming bigger than ever. There is so much homegrown support and with this whole Melbourne Bounce movement blowing up, it’s only getting better!

You aren’t really taking shots of jetfuel… But what ARE you taking shots of?

(Laughs.) No, I am not taking shots of JET FUEL!!! But I do enjoy a shot of Fireball – love that stuff.

What is your favorite dance club in the United States?

Pacha NYC is amazing – I played there a few weeks ago!

Do you always wear a hat while performing?

My hat goes on when I get out of bed and comes off when I get into bed – it’s a part of me these days! (Laughs.)

Have you heard many remixes of “Jetfuel” yet?

Nah, I haven’t herd any remixes.

Tell me about your relationship with Get In! PR.

My manager hooked me up with Get In! PR and so far they are doing an awesome job helping me get my name out there! America is such a large place, so I’m just trying to get myself as known as possible really and trying to have fun while I do it.

You have worked with several record labels. As an artist, is there value in working with multiple labels like that?

In Australia we really just shopped our records around and who ever liked it we signed it with, I am now signed to Ministry of Sound exclusively, so all my tracks are released through them now and so far they have been awesome!

Where do you come up with ideas for new tracks?

Most of the time I begin with writing a melody, and take it from there.

What’s next for Joel Fletcher?

I’m off to Europe for a tour then back home for some studio time. After that I am off to Asia for 2 weeks, then I have a month or so back in aus then it looks like I’m doing a bus tour around America. The bus tour will take me through September and October with Will Sparks and Timmy Trumpet – I CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT!!!

In all of the interviews I do, I always give the artist the last word.

Thanks heaps for making the time to catch up with me and stay tuned for some more music coming your way soon!

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