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Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with The Crystal Method

Over the years I have had the chance to meet a lot of interesting people. I started interviewing artists when I lived in Indiana and have done interviews in person, over the phone and via email ever since. It has become a passion of mine and is something I look forward to every time an interview becomes a reality. I really like electronic dance music, and have had the chance to interview names like Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Lange, BT, Sander van Doorn, Markus Schulz, JES, Paul Oakenfold and many many more.

When I realized that I was close to 500 interviews, I wanted to make #500 special. I reached out to some friends in the scene, and happened to find myself in conversations with The Crystal Method. They agreed to an interview, and were excited to be a part of the journey. They were so excited they even recorded a thank you video for me to share on YouTube.

Thank You Message from The Crystal Method

Interviewing these guys was a big deal. They are legendary and have been around dance music for a long time. Ken Jordan and Scott Kirkland have been working together since the early 90s, and have made a name for themselves in Las Vegas over the years. They are still producing and recently released The Crystal Method featuring songs like “Over It” featuring Dia Frampton from Meg & Dia and “Grace” featuring country music sensation LeAnn Rimes.

This interview was fun, and will serve as motivation to keep moving forward. I can’t wait for the chance to meet these guys and see them perform this summer. Ken and Scott, this interview means a lot, and I hope everyone enjoys it. It is an pleasure to introduce you to The Crystal Method. Here’s to 500 more!

You guys are literally legends in electronic dance music. What do you contribute all of your success of the years?

We try to make timeless music and really enjoy doing it.

EDM has changed a lot over the years, and has basically become pop as of late. You guys continue to produce legitimate electronic dance music. How do you stay motivated to produce great music when everyone around you is producing pop music?

We’ve never liked cheesy pop music even when its disguised as EDM.

Ken… Wait a second. How do you know Erick Engel?

Erick was a great friend and colleague of my wife’s late father. So Erick will always be a friend of mine.

Did you guys have a good time in Miami?

We really did! FSOB was awesome, we got to go on right after DJ Icey and we also saw Superstar DJ Keoki.

Tell me more about your relationship with Red Light Management.

Our long time manager, Richard Bishop, joined Red Light Management a few years ago. They’ve been great to us but really, no real changes for us.

How do you guys know David Bates?

Good friend of my wife’s and strong supporter of Electronic Music Alliance.

Tell me about the new album.

We are so happy with the release of The Crystal Method! It was a long time in the making but we think this is one of our best.

I play video games… But you guys produce music for video games. You have also produced music for some TV shows. How does one start producing music like that?

Companies have always come to us.  Our music, somehow, seems to really work well for film, TV and games. We also now really like scoring to picture and hope to do a lot more.

You have produced a lot of music over the years. Is it possible to pick a favorite release?

Vegas will always be special as it was our first and did really well. But our favorite is always what we’re currently working on… It has to be.

You worked with LeAnn Rimes on “Grace.” Tell me more about that song.

When we first saw early footage from the RE:GENERATION, we were blown away by her vocals she sang on the Pretty Lights track. What we loved never made it on the final version. We met her during the promotion of the film and told her about how much we liked what we heard. Scott just happened to see her a couple of months later on a flight and gave her an early version of “Grace.” She loved it and came by our studio and worked the whole day. She was and is wonderful.

RE:GENERATION Official Trailer

Las Vegas has become the center for EDM in the United States. What are some of your favorite clubs in Sin City?

I’m not really into bottle service clubs.

You guys are on pretty much every social network out there. How do you keep all that content organized?

Oh man, all that does seem like work sometimes but Twitter and Instagram are still fun.

Does it ever get crowded in the DJ booth?

Only in real small booths! (Laughs.)

Tell me about your shot at Tajin Vive.

Tajin Vive was awesome!!! Amazing pyramids in Mexico but all video mapped and lit up at night!

Wait… “Busy Child.” Is that your original release? NO WAY!!! That song appears in the Fast & Furious movie. Your song “Roll It Up” also appeared in the Fast & Furious 6 soundtrack. I am just beyond myself right now… Discuss.

Our very first release was “Now Is The Time,” only on 12″ vinyl, 1994. That makes 2014 our 20th anniversary. “Busy Child” was the first single off our first album ’96 or ’97.

I love the video for “Over It.” Do you know all those girls, or are they actors? Also, who came up with the idea for this video… It’s quite unique!

We only knew Dia, everyone else were actors and they were all amazing. It was a combination of many ideas all rolled into one.  My favorite video we’ve ever done.

The Crystal Method – Over It feat. Dia Frampton

What is the best concert you have ever been to?

Hmm… Tool in Mexico was great. Maybe Portishead at Coachella a few years back. They sounded perfect and they were all the way live.

Tell me more about the hashtag #CommunityServiceRadio.

That’s for our Sirius XM Radio show that airs on Monday and Wednesday nights. We just aired our 100th show!

Speaking of Las Vegas… Tell me about Vegas.

Vegas was magic. We didn’t know much about the record business and I think that helped. We just wanted to make something that sounded great to us.

Take me back to the beginning… How did you guys meet? When did you know you had something special?

We met in the break room at Smiths Food and Drug in Las Vegas. Scott brought in a drum machine to work and I was like WTF? Who is this kid with a drum machine? I was already working on some house music with a singer.  Scott and I combined our gear at my apartment and the rest is now history (and the future).

What’s next for The Crystal Method?

Summer tour to support the new album, The Crystal Method.

I’m not sure if you guys know this… But this is interview #500 for me. I wanted to feature someone special, and I can’t thank you enough for doing this. In all of the interview, I always give the artist the last word. Go.

Awesome! Happy 500th during our 20th and 100th!!!

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