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Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Audien

First of all… This kid was born in 1992. Not 1982… 1992. He is almost ten years younger than me! He is also producing some of the best progressive house music on the planet. When I found he got his hands on “Slave to the Rhythm,” I couldn’t wait to hear the remix. Check it out.

That’s pretty good, right? Anyway, I still remember the day I found out Michael died. I was at work, and it didn’t seem real. Then, watching the funeral, I was hoping the he would jump out of the coffin and start dancing. MJ means a lot to me, and has inspired careers over the years. Audien did a great job with the remix, and I am pumped that I got the chance to learn more about the song, his passion for dance music and how he was inspired by the King of Pop. Even though he is only 22, I am still a big fan. Now… It is my pleasure to introduce you to Audien.

You had the chance to remix the legendary late Michael Jackson. You did a really good job with that release, by the way. Tell me more about “Slave to the Rhythm” and why you picked that single to remix.

Thank you! This one was meant to be. When I heard the amazing strings on that record, I knew I could make it into something Audien style!

I was always a big fan of Michael growing up. Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

So many… Michael, of course, but anyone from Daft Punk to Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin!

What is Audien Takeover?

That is my my Music Choice takeover where I do a one hour mix every weekend in August on the Music Choice channel!

What is your favorite Michael Jackson song?

“Man in the Mirror” is my favorite.

Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror

Tell me about playing Tomorrowland. Do you get nervous playing in front of big crowds like that?

Not anymore! I get excited now. It’s part of me becoming a lot more confident with my music and sound, however I still get the occasional butterflies.

There are a lot of podcasts out there. It seems that everyone has a podcast. What podcasts are you listening to these days?

Not many! I don’t discover music that way anymore. The occasional ABGT with Above & Beyond is nice because they’re the homies!

What’s next for Audien?

Lots of singles, an EP… Some good stuff, for sure! AMAZING shows on the horizon as well, so stay tuned!

In all of the interview I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.

I like turtles.

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