Delicious Sriracha Rooster Sauce Recipes

Delicious Sriracha Rooster Sauce Recipes

I love Sriracha. It doesn’t matter what I am putting it on, it makes food more enjoyable. I have put it on pizza, grilled chicken, steak and even burnt toast. Heck, I have even made a bowl of ramen noodles and spiced things up with a splash of this stuff. It’s delicious. There are a lot of companies that make similar sauces, but nothing comes close to Sriracha Rooster Sauce.

The stuff is made in California, and back in November, the plant was shut down because locals complained the spices they used to make it was burning their eyes. I don’t believe it, but I was concerned with a Sriracha shortage. But as luck would have it, the plant is open once again and we can return to enjoying this delicious chili sauce.

Right after they closed the plant, my dad sent me a newspaper article with ten different recipes that use Sriracha. Here are a few of my favorites. Great… Now I’m hungry!

Sriracha Caesar Salad
The older I get the more I like salad, but I never thought about putting Sriracha on a salad. When I order a Caesar, I like to get grilled chicken on top. The next time I do, I plan to order it with a side of Sriracha. I bet the traditional croutons and red onions would help balance the heat.

Fish Tacos
Sheryl made fish the other night, and while we didn’t have fish tacos, I grabbed a bottle of Sriracha to help season the white fish. We did order some fish tacos while in San Diego, but they were so good, they didn’t need sauce. The article mentions Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant in Indianapolis, Indiana using Sriracha on their ahi tuna fish tacos. Before we moved to Arizona, Cooper’s Hawk was one of my favorite restaurants. If I ever go back to the Hoosier state, I will have to eat here and Scotty’s Brewhouse. BBQ wings for me, please!

Crab Cakes/Crab Cake Sliders
Speaking of San Diego, we were had lunch at Mitch’s Seafood. Sheryl ordered the crab cakes. I had a bite, but had I ordered them, I would have needed a hot sauce to enjoy them thoroughly. I’m telling you… Sriracha makes everything better!

The article mentions miso soup, scallops and a few different sandwiches. If it does anything, it proves that you can add this stuff to any dish. The salad might be the most daring, but might prove to be the best one. Can’t wait to try that.

What dishes do you like to add Sriracha to?