DJ Meetch Interview

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with DJ Meetch

A few weeks ago I got an email from a guy promoting his music. This happens from time to time, and I am always curious where these artists find me. So I asked! I asked where he found me and for a sample of his music. He said he found my blog online, and he sent me some of his work. I was immediately impressed and I couldn’t help but ask for an interview.

This guy has a new EP out called Pulses and it sounds like he has been producing electronic dance music for years. I have listened to the EP three or four times, and finally got the chance to meet him for an interview. He’s new… He’s young, and he is insanely talented. I love finding new talent like this. It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to DJ Meetch.

Where did the name DJ Meetch come from?

My name is Dimitri, and since I was a kid, my friends and family have always called me Meetch. It is basically the middle section of Di(meetch)ri.

Tell me more about your new EP.

After six months, I realized that being able to make a diverse amount of genres is a big plus to people that want to take on new artists. Yes, all the tracks are about the same tempo, but all sub-genres of house. They seem to fit what is really in the loop right now. One track sounds a bit like Deorro, and others like Mord Fustang and Zedd. I’m not one to try to copy another style, but if that is what is really blowing up, might as well flow with the vibe.

There are a lot of big names in electronic dance music right now. Who are some of your favorite artists to listen to?

I listen to a lot of Deorro and MAKJ. They release some of the best “drops” in dance music of my favorite genre. Afrojack is another favorite along with Zedd. I like mainstream “radio” music a lot so they seem to fall in that category because I hear them on the radio a lot.

You released your new EP for free. That seems to be a trend in dance music right now. Guys like Pretty Lights don’t charge for any of his music. What was your goal with releasing your EP for free?

My goal was to have people download and share worldwide. I think anyone can say they love free music especially at best quality. Getting posted on different sites and blogs for someone whos name isn’t quite “huge” yet, would be better off to have free music so more people can download.

The EP is free. Where can fans download it?

Fans can listen/download on SoundCloud or my website. On my site, there is a free download link and also a link for people that like to seed torrents off of their own computers to others.

What is the Zesty Music Festival?

The Zesty Music Festival is a local festival here in New Jersey hosted by ZESTY RECORDS and Electronic Dance Life. I was chosen to take part and perform on one of the stages to show my talent.

You seem to be playing a lot of live shows. Do you have a favorite venue?

I played at AMAZURA in Queens, New York. The main stage is absolutely huge and I can say it has the best sound system for low frequencies I have ever heard. So as of now that’s a personal favorite, but I hope to play better and better venues as the days go on.

Las Vegas has become an epicenter for electronic dance music. Have you had a chance to visit Las Vegas? Do you see dance music expanding outside of Sin City?

I have not had the chance to make it to Las Vegas yet, but plan to take a trip there soon with a couple of friends. I do see dance music expanding just the past few years… They have been having the biggest names (Tiësto, Krewella, etc.) as residents and featuring performers there so people make that the main spot to be.

I love your new logo. Who designed that and why did you decide to go with a robot?

Robots always seem to be “cool,” so I got a big robot tattoo. The theme started to become robots. My current manger’s friend, who does some huge flyer designs, decided to take on a personal logo so we sent him a picture of my robot tattoo and he came up with that. I recently developed a new robot helmet that lights up and has a voice activated mouth. Also the drum stick addition to the logo is there because I also started playing live electric drums to some of my songs during my performances.

What is the best concert you have ever been to?

To this day, the best concert I’ve been too was the Camp Bisco. Multiple amazing performers and so many concerts inside a three-day music festival. I never thought that everyone I would dream to see would be a three days apart in one weekend.

The DJ Mag Top 100 is coming up. Who did you vote for this year?

I voted for Zedd, Madeon, MAKJ, Deorro and Henry Fong. Some of them haven’t released much this year, but will always be my favorites.

Where do you find inspiration for a new release?

I listen to new releases and mixes and just get hit with an idea. The days that follow I sit alone in the studio and work really hard on making something I personally think could be the next big thing.

Fans can buy shirts and hoodies. What other merchandise do you currently have available?

I’ve had elastic bracelets and small things like that, but now because of my new logo. I see many different color shirts and items with the new robot on it.

What’s next for DJ Meetch?

I am working on bigger and better songs and shows. Also some stronger marketing strategies have been taken on to really get my name out there more. As the days go on, I always get new production skills so I really think my music is catching peoples ears these days. So there couldn’t be anything better to do but get some of my singles onto some better record labels.

Thank you so much for doing this. In all of the interviews I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.

I really appreciate you promoting the new release, the interview and that you had the time to take a listen to my new music. I will most definitely follow through with your blog and send you any upcoming new singles for you to listen to. If your still interested, of course!

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