Popular Vodka Myths

Bottoms Up: Popular Vodka Myths

Earlier tonight I asked my Twitter followers, “Do you read blogs?” Here is the original tweet:

Several people responded, some saying yes, others saying no. My friend Victoria said no, that she would rather read books than blogs. My buddy Tyler said yes, but claims he rarely comments on blog posts. That is why I was asking… I wanted to know why people did or didn’t leave comments. I leave comments… A LOT. I drink beers so I can track them using Untappd and I read blogs so I can leave comments. If a blog post doesn’t accept comments, I typically won’t even bother reading it. Regardless of what I think about said blog post, I have an opinion, therefore something to say. I digress.

In an effort to write more, which will be a goal of 2015, I searched for blog topics on Google. I found the HubSpot Blog Traffic Generator. The generator asks for nouns and will spit out a bunch of random topics for you to pick from. After much consideration, I decided to write on myths about vodka. Vodka is my favorite spirit, and having spent time in Poland, I have, over the years, come to appreciate this dangerously delicious substance. Before I started writing, I did some research on popular vodka myths. I found a website that listed a bunch, and while I won’t copy/paste them all here, I did want to discuss some of my favorite myths.

Myth #1: All vodkas are the same.

Ha! Are you kidding me? There is no way people seriously think that. If that was the case, is Grey Goose highway robbery? I mean, it is… The vodka isn’t that good. But there is a BIG difference between Smirnoff and Belvedere. Is it worth the price difference? That depends. Are you drinking to get drunk or are you drinking to enjoy the spirit? The choice is yours. Tonight I drink to enjoy the spirit.

Myth #2: The best vodkas are imported.

I would argue this… But that is not necessarily the case. Like I said, I spent some time in Poland where we drank a bunch of Żubrówka and Wyborowa. Wyborowa was delicious… We drank it with nearly every *meal, and it is smoother than most American vodka that I have tried. Żubrówka was my favorite, though. It is bison grass infused, and while we were traveling between cities, we got the chance to see the bison that walk on the grass that is found in every bottle of Żubrówka.

The grass gives the vodka a green tint and add a certain sweetness to the spirit. You don’t need to mix the stuff… That’s for sure!

Myth #3: The more expensive, the better it is.

A cheap bottle of Smirnoff won’t taste as good as the expensive Belvedere, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t people that don’t like Smirnoff. Vodka, in my opinion, is meant to be enjoyed room temperature. If you need to mix cranberry juice or tonic water to drink it, then the quality isn’t there. Please don’t ever order a Belvedere and tonic! Appreciate the spirit for what it is.

Myth 4: Some vodka brands will not give you a hangover.

Ha!!! That’s funny. The quality of the vodka has nothing to do with the amount you drink the night before. If you have a hangout, blame yourself!

I could go on, but now I’m thirsty. I want a drink. Vodka, perhaps? Whatever you are drinking tonight, please enjoy it responsibility, don’t drink and drive, and buy a drink for a friend. Sharing is caring. Cheers!

*It is custom in Poland that you start every meal with a shot of vodka. That includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Before every meal we would start with a single shot of vodka, served room temperature, and an orange wedge. You raise the glass, say, “nostrovia,” drink the shot, and suck the orange. It is a little weird taking shots before work… But I wasn’t about to argue with the locals.