Big & Dirty serves Release "Systematic Overdose"

Big & Dirty serves Release “Systematic Overdose”

Big & Dirty takes the next step into 2015. After delivering unquestionable banger “All The Ravers” coming from the mysterious project D.A.F., the Dutch label has recruited another heroes to play the main role on the dancefloors around the world during forthcoming weeks. The Italian duo Flatdisk teamed up with American singer C. Todd Nielsen (whose some of you may remember from the collaboration with Swanky Tunes released on Revealed Recordings a few months ago) and signed their new material to Big & Dirty Records. Who are the Flatdisk?

A breakthrough in their career came when they won Beatport’s official remix contest which linked them instantly with Revealed Recordings. It turned out that both Revealed and Flatdisk have been paired up perfectly because their cooperation resulted in two original singles on the World’s No. 1 DJ’s label (apart from the winning remix which started the partnership). Being on a winning streak Flatdisk eventually started releasing other major brands and remixing for people like James Blunt brought out by American’s major Atlantic Records.

Having “Systematic Overdose” in the catalog, Big & Dirty Records gives us another sign that their status will be rocketing in 2015.

They don’t restrict themselves to one of music styles. “Systematic Overdose” is an upbeat progressive house piece consisting of silky smooth male vocals. It serves you right with quality, groove and its icing on the cake is C. Todd Nielsen’s voice. We can see this one working in vast variety of environments. From club’s dancefloors to people’s homes where you just want to relax and listen to quality music.