Beer Can Bacon Burgers

Beer Can Bacon Burgers with the BBQ Pit Boys

I love to eat, and nothing beats a well made cheeseburger. So when I saw a blog titled The Most Extreme Burger to Cook This Summer, I clicked to learn more.

There are a lot of great burger places in Arizona, including Relish Burger Bistro, Paradise Valley Burger Company and REHAB BURGER THERAPY. But this burger is one you can make at home and would challenge any burger I’ve ever had. The last time I was at REHAB, I ordered a PBJ & Bacon Burger. That is, according to their menu, “freak your mouth out with a ridiculously delicious flavor combination. Peanut butter, grape jelly, bacon and sriracha sauce.” It was a hot mess, and while not on my diet, one of the best burgers I’ve had in my life. But I digress. Let’s get back to the burger that inspired this blog post.

This blog was originally posted to delish, a recipe blog. I found it on Yahoo! The burger, well, that comes from the BBQ Pit Boys. So there is a lot going on here. Especially the burger. We don’t have a grill, but if we did, I would love to make something like this. Basically you will need a beer can, bacon and hamburger meat. The Pit Boys recommend lean ground chuck, but after you see the finished product, it doesn’t really matter what meat you use.

You start by taking 3/4-pound meatballs, then stick that can of beer in the middle. They used a can of Yuengling. We can’t get that here, but I would use a can of Ska Modus Hoperandi when making these burgers. After that, you wrap the burgers in bacon to help the meat hold its shape. Take out the beer can and fill the grill with peppers, onions and anything else you can imagine. Onions, though… You’ll see.

Once these burgers are filled with the proper ingredients, top with cheese, hot sauce (they must make their own hot sauce, because they uses this opportunity in the video for some product placement) and barbecue sauce. Then grill them and wait for the best burger you’ve had. Words can’t really do this burger justice, so check out this video from the BBQ Pit Boys. Wait until he cuts it open to show you the inside… Wow. Enjoy!

Doesn’t that look delicious? These guys know how to eat. Like I said, we don’t have a grill… But I might get one just so we can try these burgers. Ugh. These look so good. Now I want burgers for dinner!

When you want a good burger, where do you go? Curious to hear more about your favorite burger. Cheers!