The Perch Pub and Brewery: Chandler's Finest Craft Beer

The Perch Pub and Brewery: Chandler’s Finest Craft Beer

Yesterday I was in Gold Canyon, Arizona playing Gold Canyon Golf Resort. We played the Dinosaur Mountain golf course, and has a blast. After golf, we had a beer and discussed going to some breweries. Sheryl wanted to join us, so we headed to The Perch Pub and Brewery. I love this space, and it isn’t far from Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co. We are always looking for an excuse to visit Arizona Wilderness, but started at The Perch.

The Perch hasn’t been around for long, but every time I am there they have a laundry list of beers I haven’t had, and most are really well done. Last night I tried the Belgian Peach, Reynold’s Irish Red, Peacoat Brown Porter, Nycto Black Rye Pale Ale, Sam’s Raspberry Porter, Batch 28 Blonde, Collaborazz and the Sundress IPA. I had a pint of the Farmhouse Dog Imperial Saison, too, but that is brewed by Uncle Bear’s Brewery, another local brewing company.

Most of the beers I had last night were good, but the Belgian Peach, Sam’s Raspberry Porter and Collaborazz stole the show. The Belgian Peach was loaded with flavor, and swimming with little yeast esters. The Sam’s Raspberry Porter was thick and delicious filled with raspberry flavor. But the Collaborazz, a collaboration with The Beer Research Institute, another new local brewing company. The Perch continues to impress me every time I go.

Sheryl ordered some tater tots, which are awesome. Tommy had the BBQ pulled pork sliders, but he didn’t share them with me. They looked delicious, so no wonder he was licking the plate before I could ask for a bite. Bradford had the chicken tenders, and I didn’t try those, either, but he seemed to enjoy them. The menu at The Perch rocks, and everything I’ve had is great. But I was more focused on the beer on this trip.

After we left The Perch we went to Arizona Wilderness and then to The Brass Tap Beer Bar. We stopped by Larry’s Place on the way home, too. It was a great day, and was fun sharing beers with friends and taking shots with Sheryl. We had a great time last night, and I can’t wait to get back to The Perch. Cheers!