Liquor Store: Cellars Fine Wine & Spirits

Liquor Store: Cellars Fine Wine & Spirits

Before I start, I asked Sheryl, “What should the blog post title be?” She laughed and said, “Hey, Mickey, you’re so fine.” Moving on.

I’ve been meaning to write this blog for awhile now, but after a quick visit this evening, knew today was the day. After work I headed to Cellars Fine Wine & Spirits to pick up a few bottles of beer that I’ve been meaning to buy. I was also planning on grabbing a growler while I was there. Cellars has a great selection of beers on tap, and their prices are tough to beat. As a matter of fact, the first time I was there they only had 8 beers on tap. Now they have forty on tap. I didn’t get a growler tonight, but still spent $50 on bottles. I did a get a sample of the The Twit (Tangelo Wit) from Cartel Brewery. Cartel is doing some awesome things with hops, but they hit a home run with this wit.

The first time we went to Cellars was after brunch at 32 SHEA, a cute little restaurant off the 51 on the corner of 32nd Street and Shea Boulevard. Hence the name!  As we were sitting there, Sheryl asked if I had been to the liquor store across the parking lot. I hadn’t… And made a comment about it looking like a hole in the wall that wouldn’t have a good selection. We decided to stop by anyway. That is when I first met Mickey Salem.

If you didn’t know any better, you would think Mickey owns the joint. He is always there. He works all the time. He works pretty much open to close, and while he has some help on busy nights, every time I am there he is there. He is there so much I’ve toyed with the idea of asking him to train me to run the store so he can have a night off every now and again.

Mickey and I chat a lot on Facebook, and have become good friends. We talk about beer, mostly, but sometimes he yells at me about my profile picture on Facebook! I am always looking to bring him beers he hasn’t had, too, and love chatting about beers he’s had that I haven’t tried yet. Tonight we talked about the new Harvest Wet Hop IPA from Sierra Nevada.

They sell more than beer at Cellars, but I rarely buy anything but beer there. He does carry a pretty good selection of whiskey and a wide selection of wine. I think I saw some bottles of tequila and some bottles of rum last week. Maybe I should get a bottle of whiskey the next time I am in just to say I’ve bought more than beer there.

I just wanted to write a blog to show my gratitude for Mickey, and all he has done to keep craft beer alive and well in the north Valley. I’m just glad that his shop isn’t far from where I live. Even if it was, I would still drive to see him. Mickey, thank you for all you do. Cheers!