Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Dyro

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Dyro

He is a DJ and a producer and is well known for his work with guys like Hardwell, Tiësto and Dannic. Most of his work is published on Revealed Recordings, and he continues to push the limit producing some of the best progressive big room house music around. Oh, and he is only 23 years old! I’m a big fan and am excited to be sitting with him today. Ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Dyro.

You did a free download of your new single “WOLV” (Conro Edit) when you hit 1,000,000 Facebook Likes. First off, congratulations on hitting that milestone. Digging the song, too. What has been the feedback on the track?
Thanks! The feedback has been huge, the fans knew a new “WOLV” edit was coming since we played a clip in Dyro’s Diaries a while ago. We have had big names like David Guetta, Lucky Date and Henry Fong dropping the edit in their sets which is always great and Conro’s next release.

You are headed to Asia next month. You will be hitting Korea, China, Japan, Vietnam, among others. Have you been to Asia before? By the way, M1NT Club is insane. You are going to love it!
This will be my first time in Asia. I can’t wait to visit! I’m really looking forward to checking out some of the other DJs playing out there with me, finding out what is sounding great from that scene and hopefully a few days off to explore too! I’m excited to visit Thailand and check out the fashion in Japan!

What is WOLV Radio?
WOLV is my label where I’ll be releasing both my own new music and exciting tracks from some fresh artists. WOLV Radio is my show where I can share, experiment and get feedback on these tracks from the fans listening all around the world – we’ve also just had our first WOLV party over in Miami that had a great atmosphere and a handpicked lineup with the WOLVpack. Hoping to bring the WOLV vibe to some more parties around the globe soon!

Your real name is Jordy Van Egmond. Where did the name Dyro come from?
It’s an anagram of my first name.

There is so much good dance music out there right now… What have you been listening to lately?
I’ve had the new Jack Ü project on repeat! That final edit of “Febreze” featuring 2 Chainz has been sounding huge in my live sets too!

Did you have fun at Miami Music Week?
I did! We had our WOLV party, some other great shows with the Revealed crew and the sunshine was out – I can’t complain!

Last year I remember Dannic x Dyro x Hardwell at Ultra. You guys do anything like that this year?
Yeah, myself and Robbert surprised the crowd during Daan’s set at the DJ Mag pool party – the fans loved it, and the energy was high!

Hardwell is no. 1 again this year. Is he your favorite DJ?
I have a great respect and admiration for what he does both musically and with his label and team – he offered me some amazing tips when I was first starting out and he has been no. 1 for 2 years running because he has a strong dedication to the industry. There is definitely a mutual respect between the two of us.

Tell me more about Dyro’s Diaries. How often are you producing that and do you have plans to expand that in 2015?
Dyro’s Diaries is my video series that follows what I’m up to – behind the decks, on the road and at home. I wanted to have more control over what was out there surrounding my image and sound. My friend and talented filmmaker Tom van den Berg films all the episodes, which gets me relaxed when we start a new session of filming, even if we’re backstage at busy events, it’s good to have those close to you around to keep you grounded.

I didn’t win ice cream with Dyro, but what flavor did you order? I like cookies and cream!
A classic vanilla with lots of toppings!

What’s next for Dyro?
We have a lot of exciting releases coming on WOLV just in time for the summer and we’re working on some new Dyro’s Diaries episodes! This huge Asia tour also has me really excited and I’m hoping to work on some new edits for summer when I’m on the road!

In all of the interviews I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.
Stay true to yourself, stay daring and keep doing and supporting what you love!

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