Introduction to a Masterpiece: Aged above the Clouds

Introduction to a Masterpiece: Aged above the Clouds

Over the weekend I spent some time at Troon North Golf Club for the Troon Challenge National Finals. One of the sponsor was Zacapa® Rum, and they were pouring drinks all weekend long. I got the chance to try a Dark ‘N’ Stormy, some rum punch, and even got the chance to sample the Zacapa XO. Ron Zacapa XO is a blend of rums aged in many different types of casks — including bourbon, wine and charred oak barrels. This stuff is amazing, and retailing at $99 a bottle, this is a sipping rum and one that I would bring out only on a special occasion. The Troon Challenge is a special occasion, and the XO was pouring all weekend long.

During the Troon Challenge, there were Zacapa representatives pouring samples and mixing drinks for participants. On the table were these little booklets that explained more about the rum and the history of the distillery. I was so impressed with the entire presentation I wanted to share that with you here on my blog.

Aged at an altitude of 2,300 meters above sea level in a house above the clouds, Zacapa Rum has a heavenly taste as unique as the story behind it.

Zacapa Rum’s home is a simply stunning blend of soaring mountains, active volcanoes and verdant countryside.

Guatemala has a rich history dating from the Mayan period, with aspects of this culture still present today. This heritage is particularly evident in the artisanal output of the country. This is presented on the Zacapa Rum bottle, through the Petate Band — a royal Mayan symbol of the unity of tim and space. This item is individually weaved for each bottle, by a group of women, directly descended from the mayans.

Zacapa Rum’s creation starts with the fertile volcanic soil of Guatemala. No other lace in the world is better suited for the cultivation of sugar cane than its southern coast.

Unlike most rums who use molasses, Zacapa Rum uses only the first pressing of this sugar cane, delightfully called sugar cane virgin honey.

After distillation, Zacapa Rum goes on a monumental journey to the Guatemalan highlands. This location was specifically chosen by Lorena Vasquez, our outstanding Master Distiller, as the perfect location for aging rum.

This land has a strong sense of mystery and myth. Zacapa Rum’s home is romantically called “the house in the clouds.”

The house in the clouds is sited at 2,300 meters above the sea, because it is in fact that in the cool mountain air, evaporation is reduced— meaning more of the precious rum is retained and allowed to age in the barrels.

Only in this “house above the clouds” can Zacapa Rum’s exceptionally deep aroma, full colour, and rich flavour emerge to reach perfection.

In the Solera process, art and tradition encourage the blending of rums of different ages and personalities so that they may continue to mature and take on the character of the barrels in which they rest.

This dynamic and artisanal process requires both constant attention and the luxury of time.

Using a Sistema Solera process, Zacapa Rum ages in a series of casks that previously stores robust bourbons, delicate sherries and fine Pedro Ximenez wines. The rum also rests in once re-charred white oak barrels, to impart additional character from the wood.

This superior process results in a luxurious rum of exceptional quality.

Whoa… I had no idea there was so much history in this rum. The stuff was good, but now will taste even better knowing so much goes into every bottle. I would love to one day visit the distillery… To drink this rum where it is produced… Above the clouds. Cheers!

With Maturity, Comes Perfection. Please Drink Responsibly.