How much would you pay for a cruise on the Seven Seas NAVIGATOR?

How much would you pay for a cruise on the Seven Seas NAVIGATOR?

My buddy Greg is on a cruise right now. Not sure where he is going… Alaska, maybe? My favorite cousin Chris is on a cruise right now, too. She is headed to Alaska. I know that much! Guess that is a popular place to visit. Too cold for me! Anyway, I have never been on a cruise nor do I ever plan on taking one. The idea of being stuck on a boat jumping from port to port just doesn’t excite me in the least. I want to be on my own schedule and be able to come and go as I please. Plus, as a certified scuba diver, I would want time to go diving and I would want time to play golf in most of these places. From what I understand, there wouldn’t be much time to do those things on every stop. So for me, a cruise just doesn’t make sense. Until now…

Earlier today I was reading an article on Yahoo! Travel about a cruise that sold out in a day. Cheap tickets, huh? Nope! This cruise will cost you $100,000. Now, before you get upset and start yelling at the computer screen, this cruise does offer the experience of a lifetime. Regent’s Seven Seas NAVIGATOR will embark on a 128-day, 62-port sailing in January 2017. 128 days… 62 ports in 31 countries, on six continents … That is something I could get behind. But I am not sure I can take the year off to travel. That is what retirement is for. But this cruise does excite me and 500 people will get the chance to travel the world in style. Want an upgrade? The largest rooms on this ship will cost you $219,998 per couple.

So what do these travelers get for all this money? It starts with airfare to and from Miami, shore excursions, a hotel room before you depart, a phone in your suite… Because people still make phone calls! It also comes with unlimited Wi-Fi while on the ship. That alone is worth the price of admission for me! Imagine sailing in the middle of the ocean and sharing photos on Facebook and Twitter along the way.

So do you think $100,000 is expensive? Yeah, me, too. But this isn’t the world’s most expensive cruise. Crystal Cruises has a 102-day world cruise leaving in January 2016 that will cost $205,720 per person. Cunard Vacations has a trip that will set you back $233,998. For that, I hope all F&B is included. I know some ships do not include alcohol, but for that much, surely that would be included. If not, that could be an even more expensive getaway!

Like I said, this trip sounds amazing. I would love to meet some of the people taking this trip. For all you travelers out there, would you pay $100,000 for an experience like this?