Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Todd Terry

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Todd Terry

Wait… Who is Todd Terry? Oh, he’s a DJ/producer that has been engulfed in dance music since he first started listening to European dance music while growing up in Brooklyn. Over the years he has released a ton of music and recently collaborated with Robbie Rivera on “Sume Sigh Sey.” The new single is so good… I just had to learn more about Todd. Not every day you meet a DJ/producer from The Borough of Trees. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Todd Terry.

You got started listening to European dance music records while growing up in Brooklyn. Safe to say not a lot of guys cut their teeth that way. What did you like so much about the sound that got you into the scene?
I was in to all types of music, but I always kept hip hop influences.

Dance music pretty much started and reigns supreme in Europe. I’ve seen some pretty epic shows overseas. What are some of your favorite places to see a show in Europe?
Back then and now it would be Ministry of Sound in London, and what the Knebworth Festival used to be.

Tell me more about A Day In The Life.
I felt I was going to have to come up with something different sounding to survive in the scene, so I came up with A Day In The Life, my personal favorite original production that I have done.

You’ve remixed a lot of tracks over the years. Is it possible to pick a favorite?
My remix of “Missing” by Everything But The Girl is my favorite, because it’s good to have an alternative vocal over a slamming hard beat. “Missing” had that.

How do you decide what track or what artist to remix next?
When I get offered remixes I tend to take on anything as a challenge.

When remixing a track, do you work with the artist directly?
Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t, it just depends on location. If I’m on tour or they are on tour it’s hard.

There are a lot of good veneues in NYC. When you want to see a show, where are you going?
In NYC it’s Webster Hall. It seems like there is always a good variety of artist to check out.

You worked with Robbie Rivera on “Sume Sigh Sey.” Tell me more about the track. Oh, I love that song, by the way!
Always great to work with Robbie. He always keeps it new and innovative with whatever he does.

I am obsessed with Spotify, but then Apple released Apple Music. What are your thoughts on all of these digital solutions where people can listen to your music, technically for free?
As a fan I think it’s great, all that music all the time… What’s not to love? As a label owner, I’m making money with these, and that will increase as more people move from the free to premium side. It’s good for everyone.

Tell me more about working with Robbie. Can we expect more collaboration in the future?
We will collaborate again I’m sure. As soon as I come up tracks that fit his and my styles.

You worked with Abigail Bailey on “It’s Alright.” Tell me more about that track and what it was like working with Abigail.
Abigail is great. Abigail is an artist that understands today’s dance music. She is very perceptive as far as beats and vocals working together.

What’s next for Todd Terry?
A lot of collaborations with the new jacks such as Low Steppa, Stuart Ojelay, Kryder, Jessie Rose and Kaz James.

Thank you for doing this, Todd. In all of the interview I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.
One word? Dropbox.

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