Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Robbie Rivera

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Robbie Rivera

A few weeks ago Todd Terry teamed up with Robbie Rivera to release “Sume Sigh Sey.” The track is unforgettable and I reached out to Todd for an interview to learn more about their time together. I didn’t know much about him, but it was fun learning more about a DJ that grew up in Brooklyn with roots in hip hop. I figured that since I interviewed Todd, I might as well interview Robbie. Oh, and I can’t get enough of The Juicy Radioshow, Robbie’s podcast. Without further adieu, it is my pleasure to introduce you to Robbie Rivera.

It seems that every DJ has a podcast. I subscribe to several and am a big fan of yours. Tell me more about The Juicy Radioshow and what, as a DJ, it means to produce these free podcasts on such a regular basis.
Producing this show is a lot of fun. I get to select songs that I think the listener would love to listen to outside of a club. It’s about presenting quality house music that reflects my sound and brand.

You have traveled all over the world playing dance music for screaming fans for many years. In all of your travels, what are some of your favorite places to visit?
I would say Spain is on the top of my list. Ibiza and Barcelona are always huge for me, but also so many cities in the U.S. It is hard to choose. I love rocking Miami!

Las Vegas has become a center for dance music in the United States. What are some of your favorite clubs in Sin City?
I played for two years at XS Nightclub and Surrender Nightclub. I also played a year at Marquee Nightclub & Dayclub, which is also amazing. The sound there is so commercial that I have not played there in a while, which is a shame as I have so many fans from all over the world that I know love house music in Vegas. My last show was at Drais in 2014 and it was amazing. The Vegas Drais crowd loved the juicy sound.

You and Todd Terry just released “Sume Sigh Sey.” Tell me more about that track and what it was like working with Todd.
The original track from Todd was very big across the world but special in San Juan, Puerto Rico where I’m from. I played it so many times and always wanted to remix it. Since I never got asked I just took bits and pieces from Todd’s original mix and made a new updated version and added a new bassline and drop. I did this just to play it during Miami Music Week. I sent it to Oscar G, Bob Sinclar and Junior Sanchez to get their opinion. They loved it so I asked Junior Sanchez to send it to Todd and we made a deal to release it on Juicy Music. So far the feedback has been great from house to techno to EDM commercial DJs supporting it.

You’ve played some pretty big festivals over the years. Do you prefer to play festivals or smaller clubs where the atmosphere is more intimate?
I like both. Festivals pump you up and clubs are the best cause you can get intimate with a crowd and take them on a journey if you have the talent like me.

You are all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Do you have a favorite social network?
I like Instagram!

Any big plans for a tour this fall?
I am getting ready to release a new song titled “A World Without You” featuring StoneBridge and Denise Rivera on vocals. This one is special as I got my friends Benny Benassi and Roger Sanchez to remix it! After this I am releasing my new album THIS IS MY SOUND and a tour to follow.

What does house music mean to you?
It’s all about the groove and the beats mixed in with the uplifting vibe that it creates. People dance and smile to house music.

What’s next for Robbie Rivera?
New album of pure underground Robbie Rivera sounds. I am not thinking of radio play or charts just producing what my heart tells me and from the energy I receive from the shows.

Thank you for doing this. In all of the interviews I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.
I am blessed to be able to produce electronic music and present it to fans across the globe. Thanks for the continued support all these years.

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