Chocolat Frey: Experience the secret of Frey.

Chocolat Frey: Experience the secret of Frey.

While we were in Switzerland, Russell suggested we visit Chocolat Frey. I had never toured a chocolate factory before but it was a lot of fun learning more about how they source the cocoa beans, how they make the chocolate, and what their distribution is like. There are a few big chocolate manufacturers out there, including, but not limited to, Mars, Inc., Nestlé USA, The Hershey Company and Lindt Chocolate, also in Switzerland.

There are a bunch of other chocolate manufacturers in Switzerland, but like I said, Russell recommended this one. The tour wasn’t cheap, but nothing in Switzerland was! The unlimited free samples at the end of the tour helped, though. When we finished we took a few photos, and stopped to find out what our chocolate type was. It was basically a personality test. I am The Curious. But what does that mean? Below is what the printout said about The Curious.

You are very curious, playful and creative. You love experiencing new and unusual things, and you’re not averse to the occasional thrill or adventure. Rather than rely on what others tell you, you always prefer to judge for yourself – based on your on inquisitions and experiences. This makes you very intrepid. You hate boredom more than anything. Your life’s motto is: never stand still! You’re always keen to blossom on a personal level. Your friends appreciate you for your witty ideas, unconventional outlook honesty and entertaining and spontaneous nature.

You are also a culinary adventurer: if you were a (chocolate) animal, you’d be an Easter bunny with nougat ears, strawberry teeth and a chili mouth. You love unusual combinations, such as sweet with salty even spicy. In any case, a dish needs to be experimental and creative for you to like it, because without a taste explosion in your mouth, you quickly become bored. The right combination of culinary delights can instantly put you on top form – in body and spirit: your ideas start to overflow, making meals with friends an all-round pleasure for everyone. 

That is pretty accurate… It also said that only 6% of visitors are this type.

Like I said, we had a great time, and Sheryl grabbed a few boxes of chocolate for us to try along the way. I wasn’t familiar with Chocolat Frey, but am now jealous that Russell lives only a few minutes from where this stuff is made. Proscht! Gesundheit!