Artist Interview: John Dahlbäck - "Count To Ten"

Artist Interview: John Dahlbäck – “Count To Ten”

I’ve had the chance to interview John Dahlbäck several times over the years. It’s been a while since we’ve talked, but he has released some new singles since, including “Raven” and “Count To Ten.” “Count To Ten” is what inspired this interview, and it was great to catch up. Always been a big fan of his, and look forward to what’s next. It is my pleasure to introduce you to John Dahlbäck.

You just released “Count To Ten,” the latest single off your next studio album Saga (Armada Music). Tell me more about the single and why you picked this one to release over some of the others on the album.
It felt like a natural progression. “Raven,” the first single, was the club track. “Atlantis,” the second single, was the more progressive sort of vocal song and now “Count To Ten.” It’s more light than the others maybe, but it’s a fun track and very danceable. It feels fresh to me.

Alexx Mack does the vocals on “Count To Ten.” She has an amazing voice. Tell me what it was like working with her and do you have any more collaboration planned?
It was easy. I was sent a vocal from her and I instantly got a feeling of which sort of track I wanted to make. Her voice is really special but great!

“Saga” was also released on Armada Music. When is that album coming out and can we expect any more singles to be released before the album drops?
The album will be out by the end of January and I believe there is another single coming out before that! To be completely honest, I’ve been so busy finishing this album that I might have missed a few of the schedule emails. (Laughs.) But it’s definitely coming by end of January!

“Raven” has over 4 million streams on Spotify! That’s amazing. What are your thoughts on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music?
I think it’s great! I use Spotify a lot myself, creating mood setting playlists to dinner parties and whatnot. Most artists are on there and I love how you can browse similar artists and explore the hell out of the whole music scene.

You are pretty active on Twitter. You have been quite successful on Snapchat and Instagram, too. Do you have a favorite social network?
Twitter! It’s a fun way for me to talk to fans. The other platforms are cool, too, but Twitter feels different to me.

2015 was a big year. With “Saga” coming out soon, 2016 looks like it will be a big year, too. Anything bit planned for the New Year?
Oh, for sure! On New Year’s Eve, I’m gonna be on a beach in Thailand trying to forget the cold weather in Sweden. I’m looking forward to that!

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