Papa's Pilar® Gets Rum Back to Its Gutsy Roots

Papa’s Pilar® Gets Rum Back to Its Gutsy Roots

Award-Winning, Artisan-Crafted Dark & Blonde Expressions Inspired by Ernest Hemingway’s Spirit of Adventure Now Available in 13 Markets

Key West, Florida – Papa’s Pilar® is the premium sipping rum inspired by Ernest Hemingway, a man who crafted captivating stories, tackled epic feats and is quite possibly the world’s greatest adventurer. The inaugural Dark and Blonde varieties are hand-selected from ports-of-call in the Caribbean, Central America and the U.S.A. for their age, character and maturity, and then solera aged and blended in a unique process using American Oak Bourbon barrels, Port Wine casks (dark only), and finishing in Spanish Sherry casks.

The Papa’s Pilar team of Master Blenders, led by Ron Call, is made up of influential spirits and rum leaders who lend a great deal to this unique process and the quest to get rum back to its roots. The late Lincoln Henderson, Master Bourbon Distiller and Hall of Famer, advised on formula creation and provided a distinctive “bourbon footprint” for each expression.

“We chose to hand select and then blend Papa’s Pilar rums using a process that provides an authentic and unique flavor profile that no one origin could accomplish,” said Ron Call, Head of Rum Production. “In my 40 years in the distilling business, Papa’s Pilar is using the highest-quality and best aged artisan crafted rum with which I’ve been associated.”

Papa’s Pilar is meant to rekindle a sense of adventure in us all. “Papa,” as Ernest Hemingway was known, lived an epic life full of perpetual motion, and Papa’s Pilar was crafted to accompany rum enthusiasts as they sink their teeth into life. Named for his muse and one true constant, Pilar is the vessel that allowed America’s literary giant to reach beyond the shoreline, feast on life and remind us to never be a spectator.

Papa’s Pilar Dark, which is a bold and complex sipping rum, was named “Best Rum in America” by the Caribbean Journal in 2014. At 86-proof, it is both pot and column distilled and boasts hand-selected rums up to 24 years old, and a long, velvety finish. The Expression also won a “Double Gold” Medal at the 2013 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Papa’s Pilar Blonde, the first categorized “blonde” rum, is crisp and nuanced and includes column stilled aged rums 3-7 years old. At 84-proof, it’s a premium sipping rum with a layered and exceptionally smooth finish and makes for an indulgent cocktail. Papa’s Pilar Blonde was awarded “Best in Class” White Rum at the 2013 Miami Rum Renaissance Festival.

Papa’s Pilar was developed in conjunction with Ernest Hemingway’s estate. The Hemingway family donates 100 percent of their royalty profits from Papa’s Pilar Rum to charity. The brand is the “official rum” of the Coastal Conservation Association Florida, partner of the International Game Fish Association, and works with local charitable foundations and causes dear to Hemingway and his heirs.

“Two of my Dad’s favorite rituals were hunting buffalo and enjoying rum, especially a Papa Doble,” said Patrick Hemingway, the second son of Ernest. “From the liquid to the intricacies of the bottle, Papa’s Pilar pays homage to a great man and arguably the world’s greatest adventurer. My Papa would be proud.”

Every aspect of Papa’s Pilar is thoughtful and purposeful. The distinct bottle evokes Papa’s exploits through a form factor reminiscent of an iconic WWII canteen. The etched compass closure reflects that same sense of adventure on either land or sea. The lion heads represent nobility while the Rooster on the Medallion pays homage to Key West, where Hemingway and his boat Pilar once resided and remain celebrated fixtures within the community.

Papa’s Pilar plans to break ground on a new distillery and experience center in 2015 in Key West, Florida, further honoring Hemingway’s contribution to the classic spirit of the city in which he once lived. “We’re excited about creating both a destination that will serve as the physical heart and soul of our brand as well as an asset for the city of Key West,” said Carlton Grooms, Director of Operations and Co-founder of the International Rum Council. “Our guests will be truly engaged and amazed with this unique experience. A trip to Key West will no longer be complete without a visit.”

Papa’s Pilar rums are available in 750ml bottles in both on- and off-premise accounts in California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas and Washington, D.C. The suggested retail price of the Dark and Blonde are $39.99 and $29.99, respectively. Prices may vary by market.

Papa’s Pilar is a proud member of the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States (DISCUS).

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