Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Richard Lynch

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Richard Lynch

Being from Indiana, I am a big fan of country music. Through my relationship with MTS Management Group, I’ve been introduced to some pretty awesome names over the years. Recently they showed me Richard Lynch. Richard is the frontman for the Richard Lynch Band and has a long list of accolades that show he means business. His sound is authentic, and I can picture myself in a dusty bar drinking Budweiser sporting cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. I am glad that I got the chance to meet and interview this man. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Richard Lynch!

I am originally from the Midwest. I grew up listening to country music. But over the years, country music has turned to pop music. That being said, your sound is a true example of what country music is supposed to sound like. How have you stayed true to your roots over the years?
I have kept true to my passion and love for the country music I heard and played from a very young age. I have always found an audience for this great traditional country music, there are millions who love those sounds and songs that are the true original country music. It’s truly what I have lived and easy to maintain that sound for me.

There have been so many great country musicians over the years. Who are some of your biggest inspirations?
Anyone who has played the true traditional country music. I have been inspired by Keith Whitley, Conway Twitty, Mel Stree to mention a few but my Dad Woody Lynch was my true inspiration. He played and sang the real country music and I wanted to be just like him

I recently saw Garth Brooks in concert. It was amazing… A true legend. What are some of the best concerts you’ve been to?
I have only been to a few concerts in my life. But we saw George Jones and Merle Haggard ten years ago at the Ohio State Fair and it was amazing to see those two legends together. First concert I attended was Conway Twitty at seventeen years old; that was inspiring.

Tell me more about Twang Thang Country.
Twang Thang Country is Randy Hayford our promotions manager. They are based in Nashville and Ohio and have been promoting traditional country music for many years.

You are on a pretty aggressive tour this summer/fall. Any chance we will see you in Arizona in the near future?
Would love to come to Arizona and play. We have plans to attend an entertainer showcase next spring for some resort bookings next year.

You are a member of the Independent Country Music Hall of Fame. What does that mean to you as a musician and how did you celebrate when you found out?
It was a huge surprise and incredible honor. It means that someone appreciates my passion for traditional country music and I am truly thankful and appreciative of the recognition. Didn’t have much time for celebration, we had to get to the next gig! So we celebrated by playing some great country music for the next audience.

It seems like country musicians, and fans of country music, like to drink beer. What kind of beer do you like to drink on stage and after your performance?
I don’t drink beer, but thanks for asking. A shot of Hot Damn! once in awhile to help the vocal cords is about all I drink.

You’ve written with some pretty big names. Who have you worked with and what songs have you either written or collaborated on?
I have played with a lot of artists. I have not written with any big names. I have recorded songs written by names such as Billy Yates, Trent Tomlinson, Jerry Cupid, Terry Dennis, Gerald Smith, David Frizzell among others.

What is the Love Tattoo Foundation?
The Love Tattoo Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity my wife and I created that was inspired by the song I am a cowriter on. Dedicated to our military, especially those affected by all types of injuries and disabilities, we perform fundraising events and dedicate funds to military groups and individuals that need assistance. We are proud to say we have raised thousands of dollars to help our veterans, especially those with PTSD.

You released “A Better Place” in 2015. Are you currently working on a new single or a new album, or are you just focused on your tour?
Always looking for great new material. We plan to be back in the studio soon recording a new traditional country album.

How many different cowboy hats do you own?
Whew! Probably a dozen or more (felt and straw).

How long have you been working with MTS Management Group? Tell me more about how they have helped you over the years.
Been working with Michael about two months. He has been promoting our title track on the radio and he has been working the radio tour and interview circuit for us. He has done a good job opening new opportunities for us.

Tell me more about your band members.
Most of the band has been playing with me several years who share my passion for good traditional country music. Jon Haney on bass and the sound engineer has played with me more than 30 years, Chris Oliver one of the most entertaining drummers around has played with me 20 years, Dale (Duece) Collins phenomenal lead guitar player has been with me ten years and Doug Goltz a passionate solid pedal steel guitar player has been with me about 20 years

What is your songwriting process? Do you research and sit down to write a new song, or does it just come to you over time? Heck, I am sure some of the best songs have been written on the back of napkins!
I have to be inspired by something to write a song about it. My “Daddy’s Guitar” song came to me one rainy morning when I was thinking about my dad and how I grew up and miss him dearly.

You have played in a lot of different venues over the years. What are some of your favorite venues worldwide?
The acts I have played with and the audiences who have loved our music has been the most memorable to me. We have played all over country and coming back to places like the String Bean Memorial event touches my heart as very special since my dad grew up with String. The amphitheaters and the beautiful old Opry type theaters are very sweet, too.

Have you ever made a mistake while on stage?
Have I ever not made a mistake is more like it. It’s live and everybody makes mistakes. It’s how you go on and my great band covers me is what makes it all work.

What does the future of country music look like?
For us we are broadening our horizons everyday, bringing on more and more country music lovers so as long as the good Lord gives me the strength I will continue to play and maintain the traditions of real country music.

What’s next for Richard Lynch?
Keeping it country and bringing it’s amazing traditions to a town near you, hopefully.

Richard, thank you for doing this. In all of the interviews I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.
Thank you for your interest in our music and to all your listeners for tuning in. We always greatly appreciate these opportunities and to meet new folks in the music business.

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