Tritonal Release "Painting With Dreams"

Tritonal Release “Painting With Dreams”

Out Now via Enhanced Music
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Having amassed almost 100 million Spotify streams in the past 12 months alone, production duo Tritonal release their highly anticipated full-length album Painting With Dreams, out now via Enhanced Music. This 14-track LP features recent singles such as “Blackout,” “This Is Love,” “Getaway,” and “Broken,” featuring superstar Adam Lambert.

Painting With Dreams takes cues from Tritonal’s unique melodic stylings while also pushing the boundaries to create an updated sound wholly their own. Lead single “Broken” featuring Adam Lambert on vocals is a wide-ranging modern track featuring distorted vocal samples, humming bass, and warm synths. “Blackout” deep sub-bass track with dark snares and alluring vocals from Steph Jones. “This Is Love” is a high-energy fusion of progressive and house elements. Angel Taylor’s superior talent really shines through on “Getaway” as her soulful vocals over uplifting synth rhythms, making it one heartfelt record. It’s a perfect entry point for Tritonal into the pop charts.

Chad Cisneros and Dave Reed of Tritonal have slated themselves as two of electronic music’s most dynamic producers. Boasting five Top 10 singles on the Billboard Dance charts in the past twenty-four months, the duo has proven to have real production and songwriting chops that may be recognized in their hit songs “Blackout,” “Now or Never,” “Until You Were Gone,” with The Chainsmokers, and “Untouchable” with Cash Cash in addition to their remixes for the likes of Zedd, and Hardwell.


1. Tela Vuota
2. Broken with Jenaux feat. Adam Lambert
3. Waiting 4 U
4. I Feel The Love feat. Ross Lynch
5. Getaway feat. Angel Taylor
6. Rewind
7. Painting With Dreams feat. Shy Martin(Nothing Like Them)
8. Blackout feat. Steph Jones
9. Livin’ The Dream
10. This Is Love feat. Chris Ramos & Shanahan
11. Running Into Me feat. Jaden Michaels
12. Set It On Fire feat. Fred Page
13. Escape feat. Steph Jones
14. Only Mortal feat. Nick Sibicky

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