Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Adara

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Adara

I’ve interviewed Adara before, but I am always keeping my eye on her. She is always releasing new material, and has recently released Afterflow EP. It’s good. No… It’s great! Songs like “Death Of A Star” and “Mixtape” are just moving and I always enjoy hearing from her. In an effort to further promote this new released, I reached out for an interview. This isn’t the first time I’ve interviewed her, but I was just as excited as the first time. BIG fan of the new EP and excited to welcome Adara back to the blog.

Tell me more about “Mixtape.”
“Mixtape” is definitely a detour back to my pop roots. It was a blast to write and was created between 6 writers (including myself) on the last night of a big writers camp in Breckenridge, Colorado. In essence, “Mixtape” is about this feeling: You weren’t my type and that song was not my jam. But somehow everything was perfect and I lost my heart in the middle of a mixtape.

I LOVE the new EP. “The Afterglow” is great, and “Say Yes” is incredible. Talk me through the EP. Why not wait until you had a full album, or was the idea to always release just 6 tracks?
I’m glad you like the EP! I can’t wait to share it with everyone on October 24th. I’ve been putting out a lot of collaborations lately with international DJs. It’s been an amazing way to reach new people and demographics, but I also want to establish my own sound. This EP is a way to give people a deeper look into my musical world. It’s been amazing to create 100% of the soundscapes with my producer, Ross Lara. “The Afterglow” is the aftermath of a big event, like the light left after a star explodes. These songs encompass what I’ve learned and felt after the dust settled. It’s about heart break and healing; love and growth. Since I’ve been putting out so many singles, I didn’t feel the need to create a whole album. I felt like I’ve said exactly what I need to say in the 6 tracks on this EP.

What is your favorite single on the EP?
I love each track for different reasons, but “Death of a Star” holds a special place in my heart because it came from a truly vulnerable and real place. That song holds a lot of my truth in it and it’s healing to be able to put those emotions into music. I’m really grateful for my cowriters, Todd Wright and Lehi Ruiz, for helping me to tell this story.

You’ve worked with a lot of record labels over the years. Why do artists work with multiple labels versus just picking one?
In the electronic world, it’s a lot more common for artists to work with multiple labels. That’s because every label excels in a different sub-genre and aspect of that world. Also, since artists and DJs are releasing mostly singles nowadays, it’s better to find a label that best suits the song and can give it the best release. This system really gives the artist more freedom to create.

Tell me more about Archipelago Entertainment.
Archipelago Entertainment is the multimedia company that my producer, Ross Lara, created centered around the passion for music, education, and adventure. I’m so honored to be working with this amazing team that constantly strives to push creative boundaries and better the world through music.

I don’t see any tour dates on your website. Do you have a tour planned this fall/winter to support the new EP?
Right now, I’m not on my own tour. Since I’ve been collaborating with so many wonderful DJs, I’ve had the honor of hopping up on their sets at clubs and festivals to perform our collaborations. It’s been a lot of fun! Make sure to follow me on Facebook or Instagram for the latest performance news.

Speaking of Facebook and Instagram, you are on all of the popular social media channels. What is your favorite network?
Instagram is definitely my favorite. A picture says a thousand words!

I interviewed you over two years ago. You had just released “Expose.” How has your sound changed over the last 2 years?
I think, like every other artist, I’ve matured and really honed in on my sound. My music changes and morphs with my experiences in life. I’m really proud of the music I’m creating right now.

You’re a songwriter, which makes you a storyteller. So… Tell me a story.
There once was a little girl who looked up in the night sky and saw the stars for the first time. After that moment, she was never the same.

You recently posted, “How we wrote ‘Mixtape.'” Who is we?
I had the honor and amazing experience of writing “Mixtape” with 5 other incredible songwriters including Todd Wright, Ross Lara, Chris Caswell, Lehi Ruiz, and Josh Florez.

Did you happen to see any of Carl Cox’s final performance at Space Ibiza via Facebook Live? It was insane!
All I can say is, WHAT A LEGEND!!!

What is the Open Eyes remix EP?
The Open Eyes remix EP is my single, “Open Eyes,” reimagined by some of my favorite DJs and producers: Kicks N Licks, MaHi, Hazem Beltagui, and Rob Fion. I love hearing their own takes on the song!

Who are Track45?
Track45 is an amazing country pop band based out of Nashville, Tennessee. The group is comprised of a brother and two sisters whom are all incredibly talented musicians. Their vocal harmonies are gorgeous! One of the members, Ben Johnson, was my co-writer on my single “Open Eyes.”

You seem busy, but what’s next for Adara?
Fashion design, music videos, and new collaborations!

If you remember, 2 years ago I let you have the last word. Here we are again… Thank you so much for doing this. Again, I’ve left you with the last word. Go.
You are as complex and beautiful as the Universe!

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