Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Rahn Anthoni

Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Rahn Anthoni

The team at MTS Management Group introduced me to Rahn Anthoni last week, and I immediately wanted to do an interview. Rahn isn’t a style of music I typically listen to, but his voice is incredible, his songwriting incredible and he has an amazing sense of style! Rahn’s new single was written and produced by Fred Jerkins, and he is on a mission raising money for Special Needs Children. This was a great interview and I am excited to introduce you to Rahn Anthoni. Enjoy!

“Music makes me feel free from all my problems that I have each day,” he says, and he is glad to pass the feeling along to fans. “It gives me a getaway and expresses love to all my listeners – including myself.”

I love your voice. When did you realize you had such an amazing voice and wanted to sing for a living?
Thanks! I was 3 years old biting on the dash in my dad’s car. I started singing and I can remember that because he was excited. I never knew I could until I got older. My first song was Kenny Rogers “Through The Years.” I won first place in talent show at my high school singing that song.

You have a new single titled “I’ll Trust You” written and produced by Fred Jenkins. Tell me more about that single and your relationship with Fred.
The song is about a man who lost his special needs child to an alleged abuse by his son’s teachers. This man had a heart attack with open heart surgery. The father was so hurt, but he chose to love because of God’s word. This man said I will trust you even though I’m broken because you are my only hope. That man is me! I met Fred Jerkins through Keroe Inc. When I met with Mr. Jerkins I was sweating because I’ve been through so much and I didn’t understand why God was allowing me to meet a man who worked with Michael Jackson, Brandi, Whitney Houston and the list goes on. I asked Mr. Jerkins to write this song because it was hard for me because of my son’s death. I gave Mr. Jerkin my life story in an email and asked him to write it for me. It’s still hard but I must do this.

Tell me more about Tate Music Group.
Tate Music Group was a great way for me to get music done by professional along with my CD being in all the digital downloads. I was excited because I felt as if I was back in the music industry after battling a kidney disease I was born with. Tate Music made sure all the music out to the mass and I loved it.

What is the live music scene like in Atlanta?
It’s not as big as I want it to be. Live bands seems to be coming back, but it’s not the way I want it to be. Live music is not a thing of the past because it brings peace and harmony when you see people working together as one. I believe it’s not completely gone and on it’s way back now.

Any plans for a tour in 2017?
I would love to get on a tour, but I don’t have anything yet. I’m praying someone will read this and pick me up. I’m willing ready and able to get on a tour. I want to be able to spread this message about what happen to my son and how we need to visit our schools. I want parents to fight to have cameras in the special needs classrooms all around the world, because it protect the students from being abuse and the teachers from being accused. This song will help our world know that they can get through anything if they trust God. Just the song along will help people when I get on a tour. Please sign me up because those are my plans.

Your mission is to stop the abuse against special needs children. Tell me more about that and why this means so much to you.
I’m a vocalist and this will get me in the door to share my story on how my son was allegedly abused to death by his teachers in Fulton County, Georgia. I want the world to know we must stand up for all kids especially our special needs kids, because they can’t talk but we can. When I lost my son Aaron to this alleged abuse in Georgia I was disturb by the laws allowing the teachers to get immunity. I knew this was my mission. If a teacher admits to doing things to the kids then they should be held accountable. This is important because I’m a father who lost a special needs child to the system and nothing is being done criminally. I must speak out even though I can’t do anything about what happen to my son, but I can do something about other kids. I don’t want families to endure the pain and suffering my family experience. I have a voice who’s being used by GOD, and I choose to make a difference vocally and musically. I will get the world out and amend the laws in the Georgia Immunity Law with help from someone who’s listening.

You were a host on Starpower on The BET Network. I bet that was a neat experience. Did you do anything else with BET over the years?
I was a host and it was great because I was able to sing and host at the same time. I loved interviewing people and learning how they made it to be successful. When Star Power season went out that was it. I started hosting the red carpet at the Oscars, Stella Awards and The Legendary Awards.

What is the Special Needs Rock Award?
This awards show is in honor of my son Aaron Hatcher who was allegedly abused. This awards show allows the special needs kids, teachers, politicians and others walk the red carpet uplifting the special needs community. We provide entertainment for the kids and make this a great night for them as we honor them for their abilities. This will be our 4th year and we are looking to get donations/sponsorship. I teamed up Denise Dukes (former Miss Black Alabama/Soul Train Dancer) who help me get started, and then with Libra Hicks of Our Children Story to make it happen to this point. Please go to our sites and donate and This awards how is exciting, tearful joyful and loving. We honor the parents because of their hard work. We give the Aaron Hatcher Awards and our new awards The Ayana Christi Award. The Ayana Christi Award is an award for that sister or brother who’s dealing with their own emotions about their special needs sibling. We bring celebrities to our event for our special needs kids and they love it. Chrystale Wilson, from the classic movie The Players Club and Centric’s “from The Bottom Up” has been one of the celebrities who has been with us on this journey.

Tell me about the first time you heard your music on the radio.
It was tears overflowing because it was like I’m really hearing something I created for the world. It was a blessing!

Who are some of your biggest influences?
Michael Jackson, Kenny Rogers, Howard Hewitt, and Lionel Richie.

What are your thoughts on streaming solutions like Panroda, Spotify and Apple Music?
It’s the best because it reach billions of people. This helps us to reach people all over the nations.

Tell me more about The Rahn Anthoni Show.
After I lost Aaron I wanted a show that would bring in key people to ask WHY! I wanted to know from all of the professionals why would this happen and what can we do about it. This show is bring about a change. I respect all who come on the show, but I asked question that you would never expect. The other day I had a listers who wanted to commit suicide and I talked him out of it. I’m inviting him to create a show dealing with suicide. I love what I do because WE CHANGE LIVES!

Based on your photos, you have a great sense of style. Is that all you, or do you have a stylist to help pick out your outfits?
This is a story! I went to one of my friend the day of my pictures and asked him to go with me to the mall. Anthony Vereen, my stylist, has always style a lot of people, but he would only do it from the heart. This means NO PAY! I told him he’s a stylist who needs to get paid for his gift, and because of all the people liking his style on my picture I encouraged him to charge. When he picked out my style I paid him because THE BOY IS BAD! When you want blessings it’s best to do the right thing.

What’s next for Rahn Anthoni?
I’m working on my video for “I’ll Trust You,” movies, continuing to operate, Aaron Hatcher’s They Can’t Talk But We Can, (non-profit) and Special Needs Rock Awards.

In all of the interviews I do, I always give the artist the last word. Go.
I asked that we ALL show love and make sure you get my NEW single “I’ll Trust You” on iTunes. I also have a R&B CD Love, What The World Needs Now which has a song called “They Can’t Talk But We Can.” This song is the anthem for all special needs which consist of rappers, blues singer, pop singers, gospel and a country singer. This is our we are the world anthem. Always search from within and trust God! NO MATTER WHAT! Always remember to support the special needs community by purchasing the song “They Can’t Talk But We Can” on iTunes by Rahn & Friends because “They Can’t Talk But We Can.”

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