Bucket List Concert: I Love The 90s Tour

Bucket List Concert: I Love The 90s Tour

While in Tucson for #TheOven17, I stayed at Casino Del Sol. Sewailo Golf Club is next door, as is AVA Amphitheater. During our stay, I Love The 90s Tour, a concert series featuring some of the biggest names in music from that decade, was in town. We joked about going and Keith Pillow even started asking artists for a meet and greet via Twitter. When we saw how expensive tickets were, we decided to stay in.

The show was on Sunday and Frank (he shared a room with me that weekend) and I were tired. Around 6:30 he said, “I’m going for a walk. Want to come?” I decided to join him and we walked around the casino for a bit. Then we decided to hit the pool.

To access the pool at Casino Del Sol, you need a wristband. We didn’t want to go back in, so we decided to charm our way in. The security guard wasn’t having it, and she suggested we just visit the bar if we wanted to listen to the show. The bar was closed, so that didn’t make sense. Then she said, “Why don’t you go across the street and listen?” Apparently it’s okay to stand outside the gates and watch the giant screens they have showing the concert. So we did that and heard some classic songs from Biz Markie and Coolio. Hearing Coolio perform “Gangsta’s Paradise” live was special. Some other guys (Brett and Clive) playing in #TheOven17 came over and we were just hanging outside the gates. Then a truck pulls up and asks if we needed tickets. The show was halfway over, but Frank went over to investigate.

The guys in the truck had 4 tickets they weren’t going to use but wanted us to pay $20 each. No way… Thanks, anyway. Then the guy in the passenger seat just gave Frank the tickets. Here we go! Brett and I were worried the tickets were fake or something, so we played it cool. Frank asked the lady at will call and a security guard if they were real. The tickets were $57/each, so they had to be good seats. When Frank tried to enter, they scanned his ticket and he got in! We followed him in and were now inside the gates! Jason and I grabbed a beer (thanks again, man) and we walked around the venue listening to the music and people watching. Frank went to see the seats and they were center row about 15-20 rows up. Score! Then TLC came on.

You see, I’m a HUGE fan of TLC. RIP Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. I had all their albums growing up and when their single “No Scrubs” came out I bought the single and had it on repeat for months. Surely they were going to play that… They performed all their hits, including “Creep,” “Waterfalls” and “Unpretty.” They even did some songs off their new album. They were good, and I’m excited to check it out when I get home. It was getting late and then… It happened!!! They played “No Scrubs.”

It was epic, and totally random, to not only see TLC, but to listen to them sing such an unforgettable song. Brett and Clive left early; they were tired and had an early flight. But Frank and I stayed and danced the night away in our seats. It was SO much fun. SO random, but what a great way to end #TheOven17.

Frank, I’m glad you convinced me to go for a walk. FINALLY got the chance to hear some classical songs from my childhood performed live by these musicians.