Untappd Badges: Preparing For Uber

Untappd Badges: Preparing For Uber

I started using Untappd on May 7, 2011. That afternoon I drank a bottle of Samuel Adams Zeus IPA (Latitude 48 IPA Deconstructed No. 5). I used the app to track that beer and unlocked the Newbie badge. From that moment on I was hooked!

Over the years I have tried beers all over the world from drinking bottles at home, to raising mugs in Munich, Germany at Oktoberfest to ice cold pints in China while staring at The Bund. To date, I have collected 3,754 badges and have tried 9,766 beers different beers.

When I unlock a new badge, I yell, “Yahtzee.” Axel, Ina and Sheryl know what I’m talking about. I’ve unlocked a lot of badges, but the badge that means the most to me right now is Uber. This elusive badge was created on July 22, 2014. That is my birthday, by the way! You unlock it by tracking 10,000 unique beers. I won’t be the first to unlock this badge, but there aren’t many out there that have done it. (As of writing this blog post, 2 of my personal friends have unlocked it.) In an effort to celebrate this milestone, I will be working with Bury Me Brewing Co. to brew an imperial stout. We are actually brewing on Saturday and I’ve invited a laundry list of local beer nerds to join us. I would like to thank William Vaughan for agreeing to brew this beer. Also Nick Venditti for agreeing to document the whole thing. I look forward to seeing everyone at Bury Me on Saturday.

Thanks for following along. Cheers!

Bury Me Brewing Co. is located at 4224 S Cleveland Ave, Fort Myers, FL 33901.