Discussing "Primary Colors" with Ryan Farish

Discussing “Primary Colors” with Ryan Farish

I could listen to Ryan Farish all day. He produces some of the most relaxing sounds and when he releasing a new studio album titled Primary Colors, I couldn’t wait to hear it. The album is amazing, and is something you can listen to regardless of what you’re doing. Ryan is an incredible producer, and creates sounds that you can imagine on TV shows, in movies and on your favorite video game. Ryan worked with some incredible talent on this release including Christian Burns and Sunny Lax. Just listen to the single “Find You” featuring Burns and you will know what I’m talking about.

Ryan has appeared on this blog several times, and I got the chance to interview him a few years ago. We stay in touch on Twitter, but when he released Primary Colors, I knew it was time for us to touch base. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Ryan Farish.

You recently released Primary Colors on Black Hole Recordings. Tell me more about that album and what this release means to you as an artist.
For me, this is really the album I’ve always wanted to make. I spent about two years composing the songs. It’s very much an album that I feel pushed me both musically and technically in the studio. It doesn’t follow any trends. It’s simply music that I wanted to hear. It’s music that I really connect with in terms of the feelings the music brings to me.

Your album Spectrum received lot of great feedback. Sean Tyas commented, saying, “I’ve been a huge fan of Ryan Farish and his ability to create massive atmospherics in such hauntingly beautiful music. This is music to concentrate to. This is music to have sex to. This is music to listen to.” Now you’ve released Primary Colors. What are fans saying about this release?
This quote from Sean Tyas after hearing my album, Spectrum, was great to hear! It’s always super-flattering and encouraging to hear feedback like this from established electronic music producers like Sean. The response from my fans on the new album, Primary Colors, has been tremendous. I’m really grateful to the fans who continue to show such support for my music year after year.

When I started listening to dance music, non-vocal trance is what got me hooked. Over the years I’ve embraced chillout and downtempo stuff. You are pretty much set the example for that style of music. Talk me through your career and what got you started producing this style of music.
Well, thank you, Ricky, I’m humbled to hear that. I began making chillout in the early 2000s. For me, music has always had value in my life when it makes you feel things and it really stands out as something that everyone else isn’t already doing. So back then, I was naturally drawn to making the music I felt and connected with, and I still am to this day. I can remember people would ask me, “What genre is this?” It’s not rock, it’s definitely not jazz or new age, so I started calling it “positive chillout,” because to me, that felt like the easiest way to quickly describe the music I make.

What was it like working with Christian Burns on Primary Colors? He actually appears on a couple of tracks on the album.
My friend Christian Burns is such an amazing vocalist and songwriter. His talent and voice naturally felt like a perfect fit for the album, and he brings a lot of vibe and color to the album. We worked on several songs and two of them, “Find You” and “Safe in This Place,” we selected to be on Primary Colors. We have a few more songs we are working on that haven’t been released yet, which I’m excited about as well.

You’ve been doing this for a long time. How has your sound matured over the years and do you try to change your sound over time or do you just let it happen naturally?
For me, I’ve pretty much always shared almost every song I’ve created, especially in the beginning. My music and catalog have been almost like and open journal of my music and growth as an artist and producer. I make the music I love and want to hear. So naturally, just as you grow and change and evolve in your life through experiences, my music is a direct expression of where I’m at personally and artistically.

You also have two remixes on the album. Why only two and how did you decide to work with Sunny Lax and Thomas Datt?
I love both of these producers. They are incredible! So, when Arny Bink from Black Hole Recordings brought these remixes in, I was extremely excited. Once I heard them, I felt like they would be amazing to include on the album because I wanted the remixes to get more attention and I wanted them to last longer than the typical shelf-life a remix normally has.

People can join a newsletter on your website. How often are you updating your fans?
I usually only update when I have a new release.

Your music is perfect for TV, movies, video games, etc. What is the licensing process like if someone wants to use your work in a production?
They basically contact me via my website or my music attorney, David Ferreria.

I don’t see any upcoming tour dates on your website. Planning a big tour in 2018? Let’s get you to SW Florida!
I’d love to tour, but I also love recording music. There’s something timeless about making recordings that has always attracted me to the studio. I do want to tour, so I hope to focus more on shows this year but that will take time away from the studio, so it’s always a challenge for me.

What’s next for Ryan Farish?
Right now I’m back in the studio making more songs and exploring new sounds and tones with guitars and analog synths around which I want to build the next album.

Connect with Ryan Farish:
Website: http://www.ryanfarish.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ryanfarishofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ryanfarish
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ryanfarish