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Sorry, I’m Late

Let’s be honest, no one’s buying that “flat tire” or “my alarm didn’t go off” business. Even if it is true! So you’re going to be late, you might as well have something interesting so say, right?

Late for work? Late for a date? No worries. Sorry, I’m Late gives you dozens of funny/creative/outlandish excuses which are categorized to fit the particular situation to which you are… ahem, “punctually challenged.”

Your list will constantly be growing because the Sorry, I’m Late application pulls all the latest excuses from our growing database. Plus, through the interface, you’ll be able to share our own great excuses with the community and receive credit for any ideas which are used.

So, if you’re ready to “add some party to your tardy”, get Sorry, I’m Late.

(Because if you can’t be punctual, you can at least be original.)

Note that the makers of Sorry, I’m late do not condone lying. This application is for entertainment purposes only. How you choose to use it is up to you.)

Sorry, I'm Late Sorry, I'm Late

Sorry, I'm Late Sorry, I'm Late

Application Reviews

“I like this application. It has a good user interface and some funny excuses to begin with. I also like the fact that you can submit your own excuses. It loads quickly and I have not noticed any lag unlike some applications that I have used in the past. I would recommend this app to anyone who is notorious for running late! I think I will send this on to all of my friends who are always late as well.”

– Joshua Williams, Indianapolis, Indiana

I love this app! It’s just funny to look over all the excuses sometimes. Although, most of them I would never use! This is an awesome app!

madfiinnfan2468, iTunes