Talk About One Sexy Circus

Talk About One Sexy CircusSo I am a huge fan of music if you did not already know. And it is rare for an artist to shock me. I mean, don’t get me wrong there are a ton of artists that make incredible records but it is hard to go so far beyond my expectations like Britney Spears has done. And the ironic thing about that is that two artists have done that this month. Nickelback is the first. Their new album, Dark Horse, blew me out of the water when I first heard it. Their single hit the radio a month or so ago and I knew that if it was any precursor to how their album would turn out it would be a great winter for them. And I was right, the album is maybe the best thing that they will ever record.

But when Britney Spears, not a year ago, shaved her head, dropped her baby, and divorced K-Fed I knew her career had hit a brick wall. She came out shortly after he bald days with a pretty decent album that had some dance moves and solid lyrics but her voice was just not the pig tail days. But Britney wanted to do one more album this year. So she set out to record and release an album titled Circus.

This album, for lack of a better word, is maybe one of the best albums of the year, perhaps the decade. Her voice is spotless. The beats are near the quality of what Timbaland produces, and the mixture of the dance moves and the Not Yet a Woman moans are incredible.

This album is sixteen tracks of pure genius and I am so happy for her. She tried to make a subtle comeback when she hit the TV stations as a featured guest becomes long time star on How I Met Your Mother but fell short. When I heard that this album was coming out I figured it would be another attempt at over night re-stardom but I was pleasantly surprised. If you have not heard this album, please, go buy it. Go download it. Just go hear this because you will not be upset.