Logo Discovery

Logo DiscoverySo last weekend I had the chance to meet a couple of incredible people. I was serving at Pikk’s Tavern and I met a man named Andrew. We talked for a couple of hours, hit it off perfectly, and decided to get together again later that week for some dinner and drinks after work. So later that week we went to meet for some sushi at Kona Grill in Carmel.

On the way to Kona I was on the phone with a local promoter and I look out the widow on the right while at a stop light. I nearly dropped the phone when I saw what I saw. As you will see in the image above there is a work truck pictured. On the side of that work truck there is a logo for the company that owns this work truck.

This is the first time that I have seen my work, my logo that I developed and created for a client, on something other than a business card. I have only told a few people and it really is not that big of a deal, but I just think it was neat that I did not expect to ever see that logo again outside of my portfolio. But it goes to show how important my job as a designer really is.