5th Album a FOB Flop?

So the mega pop band Fall Out Boy has released their 5th studio album. The album it titled “Folie a Deux,” (French for “madness shared by two”) and has a lot of immediate buzz around the music world. The buzz is from fans, writers, critics, and haters. And the buzz is whether this album is the best thing to happen this year in music or the worst thing that FOB has ever touched.

Going with a much more mature and advanced sound, FOB has created a much softer feel for their newest release. This album with the hands of mega producer Pharell Williams on the back end, creates an almost transition frm what you expect to hear from these guys.

Their last album was maybe one of the best albums of our lifetimes with songs taking a whole new concept of what music actually is. But this album I feel they are taking a whole new twist on the idea of change. Panic At the Disco tried that and made a Beatles album. It was terrible. The Killers did that and as they say made the most “pop” album they knew how to make they made absolute junk. I mean, I am huge fan o both those bands, and having seem them play in concerts the same as FOB, their newest releases are just disappointing me.

Now, will I say this same thing a week from now when I am singing these new tracks at the top of my lungs? Maybe not. But an album needs to make a better first impression than this one has. Some will argue and say that their writing has gotten better and their music actually sounds more polished, which is true, but that is not what I want or expect from these guys.

Take a listen. But I will give them one thing. They have been able to stick to their guns with their song titles. Their titles never mean anything more than a story behind maybe where the lyrics stem from. With songs called (Coffee’s For Losers) you are not in the mood to sip a cup while singing.

Maybe I am being too hard on these guys. I mean, Pete did just get married and have a baby. Maybe he wants to grow up on the music side of things now. I do love Patrick’s voice though. And he manages to make some pretty basic and standard guitar sounds seem more intense with his vocals.

But go listen. I am sure they will sell out every venue they play regardless of what their albums sound like. I mean, Pete is hot. Who wouldn’t want to see him play?