Is Body Modification Attractive?

I have my ears pierced. Both of them actually. And it hurt. It hurt a lot. I was 16 when I decided to get the first one done (the left one guys, calm down) and I went to have it punched. It was free as long as I bought the ear rings. I bought some small diamond ones that were not as expensive as they looked and was excited to see it in. I bought 2 in hopes that I would like the first one so much that I would like to have the other one done at some point. When the lady sat down she marked my ear so I could make sure it was located where I wanted it to be.

Then she grabbed her gun (yeah, it was a gun) and pulled my head in the position that she wanted it to end my ear’s life. She counted down from three but lost count and on two decided it was the best time to punch that screaming hole through my flesh. I didn’t scream, but I am not going to lie, there might have been a tear or two.

It took me 16 years to get my ears pierced but it only took me a few months to get the other one done. And I have heard horror stories that when you get them both done they rarely match up as far as spacing is concerned. But, however, after my second round they matched quite nicely. I currently do not wear them (as GQ states they are ‘so last season’ and I must listen to what the fashion experts tell me. But they are both pierced.

Now, why is that important? It is important to the fact that I just saw this article on body modifications and I was near throwing up in my mouth. I will show you a few of these and speak on why they are so gross to me. I will also provide with reasons as to why I, and anyone else should ever have these ridiculous things done to their body. Prepare to gag a tad when you see some of these photos.

So this is just stupid. I am sorry but first off, look at how many holes have to be punched out of your back. Then add on the fact that these are not permanent piercings and the pain that obviously comes from having this done and you can see why this is stupid. I mean, who would see this? Unless you walk around without a shirt on all the time (which I tend to do on the weekends) no one will see this unless you show them. This is something that was not done before the 1990’s and I think should be made illegal. I mean, just look at that and if you are not already doubled over in pain, think about the result when half those holes get infected.

OK, you remember when I was talking about my ears and the pain they went through when I had them pierced? Yeah, well, maybe that was not a big deal to you but how does this guy pierce his ears? Look at this. How at how incredibly stupid this looks. He has an ear in his arm. Not a tattoo of an ear. Not a drawing of an ear. He has a freaking ear under his skin on his arm.

The guy that did this had an actual human ear implanted in his arm as at first an artistic statement. I mean, I make artistic statements all the time with my art shows and exhibits, but this is a whole new level of dedication. He has current plans to have a microphone implanted under that ear so people can actually hear what his arm hears. Hey, here is an idea. Just listen to what he hears because his arm is hearing the same thing. Artistic statement, maybe. Stupid, definitely.

OK, now, I might see where this could be cool. This could be “I am going to prom and I want something different” cool. But, at the same time at how cool this might actually be, buy contacts. There has to be contacts that have designs on them. I mean, they have contacts that can make my feces brown eyes bright blue so there has to be contacts out there that can turn your eyes into high fives and LOL’s. This is stupid, still, but the fact that these things are permanent and you can only get it done in the Netherlands is just even more of a reason to not have this done.

Now, back to what I was saying earlier to why these are all, and included on the list are 8 different modifications, stupid. Besides the face that they all cause an immense amount of pain (and I do not care who you are you have a tolerance for paid with 50 holes in your back to create a temporary corset.) Good luck getting a job. I mean, a simple tattoo can effect whether you get a job (in a professional field that is) so why would you get spikes coming from the top of your head? These are all beyond me and the only thing that I can think is either the want to conform (peer pressure from other Vamp kids) or poor parenting. I am taking the latter of the two, but that is for you to decide.

I just think that I need to get get an arm ear. Hey, where can I get an arm ear?