Michael Jackson Is Up For Sale

OK, he is not really up for sale. But just about everything else that he has to his name is. Michael will be placing over 2,000 items from his personal collection (use your imagination) up for sale at an online and live auction sometime next year. This includes things such as his famed single diamond studded glove (first released in the ‘Billie Jean’ video in 1983) to as far as his Neverland Ranch. The ranch itself is said to fetch well over $7 million. (And does it make anyone else’ mind boggle when you read that it was 25 years ago since ‘Billie Jean’ came out? That might be one of the best singles ever released.)

Michael is said to be donating all of the proceeds to MusiCares which is a foundation he has been a part of for quite some time. This foundation is pretty cool, actually. It is designed to benefit musicians that are either struggling or in need of finances. Michael has been involved with them since his actual financial woes began in 2003. This was ironically just after his case was thrown out of trial for sexual molestation charges.

Now does that not just bring up an interesting topic? Michael Jackson has said to be a child molester for years. There have been stories of him drugging kids. Or the one I heard about him getting them drunk to take advantage of them. Oh, and the one where he had twenty some kids in his bed all at once and they all just happened to spend the night. Come on people, do you actually believe that crap?

First off, Michael is maybe one of the most well known names on the planet. Net to Tiger if you mention that name you know what he does, you can sing all of his songs, and you can moon walk across the floor right in front of me. So why would he ever put his unimaginable career into jeopardy to have sex with a child? Let’s see who was the one getting upset about this. It was not the children, it was the parents of these kids. Now why may you ask, were they upset? (Money is the answer to that but that is not what I want to go into now.)

Speaking of the Jackson family (the most successful family from Indiana by far) they are going back on tour. The Jackson 5 will be hitting the road in 2009, but sans Michael. He pulled out to promote and work on his newest adventure. He is in the studio right now with 50 Cent recording an album with 50’s beats and Michael’s lyrics. But you still get 5 members of the family. Opening for the now Jackson 4 (not really titled that, but it makes sense if you only see 4 guys on stage.) Janet will be opening for them on this tour. So prepare for an expensive ticket and a night filled with Jackson tunes.

I just find it interesting that Michael is admitting, without saying it, that he is in financial trouble. He would never give up his ranch if there was not some steam coming from a higher power. I mean, he is the King of Pop but that does not mean that he can escape The Man.