Natalie Dee & Her Worrk

I have a friend (shocking, right) named Kim who lives out in California. She is from here originally, she just wanted to make me jealous by moving to the bay area before me. And she is a big fan of this artist that she talks about more than breathing. This artist is named Natalie Dee. The above image is just one of her thousands of daily generated cartoons. (If you clock her photo it will link you to her site.)

Natalie hails from Columbus, Ohio and is considered to the Urban Dictionary to be a repulsive, immature, and wondrous comic. Her work is sometimes confusing and sometimes a little vulgar, but I love it. She has a very established style and has not started creating shirts with her images on them. (I wonder if she wears her own work?)

The only reason that I even bring her up is because I was actually talking about her last night. My friend Narissa and I were shopping and we saw some shirts that were funny enough for me to take a photo of it in Journeys. It looked very similar to Natalie’s work. I did not day anything at the moment because I honestly could not remember her name.

I head over to her place later to play (actually kick some major ass) in Wii tennis and she was wearing a shirt that I swore was Natalie’s work. It had a piece of sushi on it and a pile of wasabi and the tag line said “wasssap b”. I did not get it until she explained it to me, but when I stood back to think about it I laughed a little inside.

So I mentioned at that time that I thought I knew who did that artwork. Of course I had no idea of her name again, but I text Kim in search of an answer. Sure enough she knew and was excited that I was spreading the good word to her work.

I have exchanged some emails with Natalie in just appreciation for her work. She is a nice, humble, hilarious artist. I highly suggest taking a look around her site. Save some images and paste them all over MySpace. I mean, that’s what Kim and I do and we are pretty cool people, so if you want to be like us I think you know what to do.