O.J. Gets the Hammer

So today I was getting ready to play some Wii tennis at work (don’t even say it because you know that designer’s get the chance to play games to get their mind on the right path) and I switched on the TV to just see what was on ESPN and there was Mr. O.J. Simpson in county blues sitting inside a Las Vegas court room. He was being sentenced for his little armed robbery and aggravated assault that he was arrested for a few months ago.

So I think nothing of it and figure they will be talking for weeks about this so I play some tennis. I finish that and go grab another cup of coffee when he is on in the other room as well. I go back to my desk and turn on the news on my laptop while I am eating lunch and they are dishing out the sentences.

I was shocked about what I was hearing. (I have a little bit of remorse for him actually. He wrote a book right after he was acquitted for his charges in the murder case years ago and it was a great read. It was very interesting to hear it from his point of view. The book was written like he talks and was a quick read at that. I learned a lot about him and that he plays way too much golf in Hawaii.)

So today I hear these sentences and I am shocked at how much time he is getting. I mean, he is getting old to begin with, but he is getting a minimum of 9 years. He could potentially serve up to 33 years behind bars for this.

And not that I am saying what he did was right but the reason he was in that hotel room is explainable. The items that were stolen from him were family treasures and actual history from his football career. So if there was any vindication at all it is in that. But the judge saw none of this. It was time for her to bring down the hammer on this tasty breakfast drink.

(A side note is that she had her sentence already decided before she even let O.J. have a chance to speak his side of the story. So much for a fair trial.)