Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce

So last night I wanted hamburgers. I wanted hamburgers and french fries. I had the beef already chilling in the freezer at home but needed french fries. But then when walking around Marsh while searching for that golden bag of french fries I made a phone call to a fellow programmer. We started talking and got deep into a conversation about design, iPhone programming, and tables (oh how we love tables). And as I was talking through the aisles I decided to grab some BBQ sauce to go along with my fries. And bot was there some decisions to be made. I had to choose from Open Pit, Heinz, Jack Daniel’s, to Sweet Baby Ray’s.

I was looking at the title of the BBQ sauce as much as I was the price. The price you know is a big issue when it comes to shopping these days because we are in a recession. And I was thinking that for the money, the amount of product, and the flavor listed on the side of the bottle (sweet honey chipotle) that it was my best choice. So I grabbed the bottle and continued the conversation as I checked out.

And on a side note there was a cashier there that was bagging who was either in a really bad mood or just an absolute jerk. Two people came up to him and were talking about issues with customer service (I was in line because it is a process to checking out at a grocery store.) He just kept acting disgusted when someone would ask him for something. He would get angry when people would assume that he could help. And he was obsessive with using the hand sanitizer stuff that he kept in his pocket. Every single time he finished bagging an order he would use that sanitizer stuff on his hands.

Anyway, moving on. So I grabbed this Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce and was ready to get home, cook my zesty french fries, make my sirloin steak burger on the Lean Mean Fat Reducing Machine and top it with some good old American cheese. There is nothing more American about the dinner that I was going to enjoy. I get done making all the food, I pour the ketchup into a shot glass (perfect size for the proper amount of french fry dipping) and throw some of the BBQ on the side of the plate. I make my way my computer desk which also serves as my dining room table and I begin to dig in. I start with the fries in the BBQ because I was excited to taste it. I take the fry, still hot from the oven, and dip it into the sweet smelling liquid resting beside the bun. I swirl the fry around to get equal distribution of the BBQ before enjoying this delicious new sauce. I move my hand to my mouth to consume and I bite down. I chew then swallow to get a full edge on the flavors in the sauce.

Never in my life have I been so disappointed over a condiment. I have had the original Sweet Baby Ray’s. I have had the bold, the mild, the zesty, and they all tasted the exact same. But when I grabbed a bottle of sweet honey chiptole I figured, hey, maybe there is something to this one. Maybe they branched out and actually made a new flavor. Heck no they didn’t. I am still angry today about this purchase. I still ate my dinner but I did not enjoy it near as much as I would have. So to the people our there shopping for BBQ sauce this weekend or those who are interested in trying some new flavors, do not buy Sweet Baby Ray’s.

Sweet Baby Ray, you have let me down.