That Crap in 3D?

Last Sunday I went to an NBA game. It was the Indiana Pacers versus the world champion Boston Celtics. This was actually a game I wanted to see due to the fact that the Celtics, other than being the best team in the league, are just packed with talent. I do not follow basketball as much as I used to but when you have Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen on your starting roster, with a deep bench to boot, you are going to be fun to watch. Boy was I wrong.

I have been to many games before. And it was usually just about the joy of the people I was with and the things that come along with being at a game. People watching actually is a major benefit of going to a game. (I did a ton of that. I actually learned more about the two guys behind us than I had wanted. They like basketball, women, tequila; the list really goes on.) The company at this game was awesome and the people watching was just as good. (Thanks Jessica for the tickets. You are the best!)

We were sitting just a few rows behind Larry Bird, a one time great for the Boston Celtics and now high up with the Pacers, and all I could keep talking about was how freaking boring this game was. The players, good and bad alike, played like it was a Sunday walk in the park. No diving for loose balls. No fighting for rebounds. No throwing shoulders and elbows when they were down low. It was a display of “hey, pass me the ball, I am bored” more than the old days when the players had meaning behind it.

Now, the reason I bring this up is because today the NBA has announced that they will be broadcasting this year’s All Star game in not only high definition (which if they didn’t they would be stupid) but also in select theaters in 3D. OK, if Brenden Fraiser can do it then I guess so can the NBA.

But seriously. Who watches basketball that often anymore? I mean, sure, if it is on, I am done with homework, I am caught up in the office, and I have no projects on my desk then I might put it on mute and try to help me sleep. And I hate it that I keep degrading the players but the way they played on Sunday makes me think I could be a starter for the Pacers and actually score points.

I am just bitter about it and I thought it was appropriate to bring up since they announced that today about the 3D game. But for those of you who are interested it will be in select theaters only so get your tickets soon. (Can anyone tell me anyone that is even on the ballot?)

So go enjoy that All Star game in 3D and spend $3 for the glasses that make you walk funny when you take them off. (Journey to the Center of the Earth was not worth the $3. That’s all I am saying.)