Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Red Moon

I have been a long time fan and friend of RedMoon and with a new CD release and some push on their live market it is great to have a chance to sit down and talk with them. This band brings a touch of adult pop to the Indianapolis music scene. They do not play a ton of shows in the area, which I think is a good thing for a local band that has extremely high hopes and ambitions of being bigger than just a local band, but when they do it is a trip worth taking. It is great to have the chance to sit and talk with these guys today. Allow me to introduce Red Moon.

So where did the name Red Moon come from?

(Cory) We we’re getting ready to play a show in California and we hadn’t come up with a name just yet. Sweating it the night before we had a good time, woke up on a balcony to this huge red sun over the ocean, quite taken back by it, and got us thinking. That night there was a full moon so we put them together and that’s what we had it; Red Moon.

Your new album is an incredible mix of great lyrics matched with a polished sound all around on the instruments. Where did you guys record this record?

(Jeff Sharp) Azmyth Recording Studios in the Broad Ripple area.

What are your hopes with this album?

(Everyone) We just want to get it in people’s hands, their iPods, their ears, etc. We made it so we could see where we’re at and to give people a product.

When should we expect a nationwide tour from you guys?

(Cory) Yesterday would be the idea but we’re trying to be smart about it and not just hit the road, go broke then say it doesn’t work. So, as soon as we can get some booking agencies involved, outside sources that know what would be a strategic plan for us, that’s the idea and then we’ll move on it.

What is the largest crowd you have ever played for?

Red Moon has sold out Music Mill show during a New Year’s Eve show. (Cory) We got to play the side stage for Jimmy Buffett so there were a lot of people out there but they were not directly watching Red Moon like they were Buffett. But there were 1,000’s of people around.

If you could open for any one band currently in the industry who would it be?

(Robby) Right now the most popular band would be the idea. Kings of Leon, maybe?

How did you guys all meet?

(Cory) Lee and I played music in another group before starting Red Moon back in summer of 2005. Jeff and I went to high school together and I had to bug him a couple of times to get him out but once he showed up to practice he knew what he was doing. He’d basically learned everything within a week. (Robby) Cory called me out of the blue after their percussionist moved to Phoenix and within the first show I knew there was something here. (Cory) You made the right move, Robby. (Laughs)

Tell me a little bit about what each of you do outside of the music industry.

Robby is still in school learning how to learn. Cory does marketing for an automotive company and bugs booking agencies and managers to see what Red Moon is all about. Jeff works at a bank and loves cheese and Lee is a Jedi Knight. (Laughs)

Your shows always bring a certain type of crowd. How do you tailor the music you play to your crowd when you are on stage?

(Cory) You know, if we’re opening for a national act, we’ll try and play our more energetic songs, songs that hit you a litter harder. If it’s a long set, we’ll just set a groove and go with it. Through in some covers here and there to keep the simple splashy and Lee will take the bass line for a walk.

When you sit down to write a song, first off who writes, and secondly what is the motivation to write the type of songs you guys perform?

(Lee) Writing is 99% Cory. He’ll stumble his words till they make some sense and he’ll just start riffs but the group dictates where those licks end up. He’s writing all the time; day in day out, month in and month out. He sits in the basement and hits record and play on his recording equipment and creates. As of late though, we’ve all been more involved in the process. Cory may bring an idea but then again, Jeff’s brought some pivotal songs to the table and Robby always creates on the drums in ways that completely blow us away. I just come up with innovative grooves on the bass (fretless) and makes everything as smooth as can be. But yes, the words all go back to Cory.

Where do you see the band in five years?

Each year we’ve had bigger opportunities and have had the opportunity to play in front of more and more people each year. Hopefully in five years we’ll be playing over a hundred shows a year and playing year in and year out to bigger and bigger crowds.

What do you want people to remember you for?

Passion. Good intentions. Good vibes.

You are headlining a show at Verizon Wireless. The show is sold out. Who is your opener?

Keanu Reaves and his band. What were they called again?? Um, that’s tough. Sting?

If you could meet any one person alive or dead who would it be?

Too tough of a question. I would have to think that one through for another year or so. Maybe I haven’t met the person I’d like to meet yet tough. I just can’t say.

When you are on stage what are you drinking?

Lee will usually have Maker’s or some kinda whiskey or bourbon. I might have a beer or usually just water. Robby doesn’t drink much at all and depending on the venue. Jeff usually has a beer or two.

I like to let the band always get the last word in. Go.

We all wish that we were stronger swimmers. And those that can literally bend steel with their bare hands are not people you need to be messing with in the first place. Seriously, they can bend steel!