Artist Interview: 1-on-1 with Tyrone Wells

I am hanging out with a guy that fits right into this thing called good music. Proving an image (which includes the bald head), polished lyrics, incredible instrumentals, and a true storytellers soul he brings life to the stage. Touring all over the country and making stops in every corner of the states, I am pleased to introduce to you today Mr. Tyrone Wells.

What is your first memory of playing the guitar?

When I was 13 I took guitar lessons for a month. But I never practiced. I then picked it back up after college.

So how long does that mean you have been playing?

9 years.

You have a pretty solid image. What came first? The image or the music?

Thanks. I wasn’t aware of that. I always feel like my image needs work. But hey, there’s only so many things you can do with a shaved head. Music will always be light years before image.

What is your favorite venue to play?

The House of Blues. And I always love playing the Hotel Cafe.

What is the largest crowd you have played for?

8,000 at a festival in Amsterdam.

The smallest?

3 or 4 people at a coffee shop.

Do you think it helps playing in front of more people?

The amount of people doesn’t matter as much as the attentiveness of the audience. I’d take a great listening crowd of 100 people over a loud chatty crowd of 1,000.

Where can I get a copy of that new album of yours?

Online at iTunes or any digital distribution company, through my website, or at most any music store.

What has been the initial reaction to the new tunes?

Weeping and gnashing of teeth. No, everyone seems to really like it.

What is your favorite song to play live?

Right now it’s a tie between “This is Beautiful” and “Sink or Swim” and “More”.

Any song that you play in every set?

Sea breeze. The ladies in the crowd might chase me down and hurt me if I didn’t play it. The girl’s like the love songs.

What are your thoughts on MySpace?

I think it’s great for growing a fan base.

And I assume you are on Facebook?


How often do you play full band?

About 77% of the time. When I’m booked for more intimate occasions like weddings or private parties I’ll play it by myself or with my drummer/percussionist Mark Chipello.

Tell me about the guys behind you.

Mark Chipello is my drummer/percussionist/tour manager. Mark’s a UCLA grad, super smart and great business man. Great at teamwork and synergy. Then you have Mike Kopulos on guitar/keys/voice. Mike’s an MI grad and newest member of the band. A humble and gentle soul. He is Uber-talented. Then is Aaron Bishop on bass/voice. Aaron’s got a crazy musical soul. He loves all types of music and has great musical instincts. He’s the one in the band that takes care of anything that’s breaking or needs fixing. He’s super handy and always up for lending a hand. Doesn’t talk a ton so Mark and I can fill the silence with our thoughts.

Who would win in a pillow fight? Keaton Simons or Curtis Peoples?

I think Keaton would start really strong and then just when it was almost over People’s would land a couple great shots. Then Keaton would be angered and come back with a closing uppercut shot.

If you could live anywhere elsewhere would you go?

Probably Hawaii. My wife’s from there and we hope to live there eventually.

PC or Mac?

Mac for sure.

Staying single while out on the road?

I’m a happily married man. So I stay away from the ladies.

Tell me what its like working with Universal Republic.

It’s been great so far. They shoot straight and I think they have a heavy roster. I am proud to be on the roster.

How cool was it being featured in a commercial for A&E’s Intervention?

Super duper cool.

How did that come about?

They heard and liked the song “More”.

Are you bald by choice? (Laughs)

Totally. I could grow a killer mullet right now if I wanted to.

OK, who is Elina?

Elina is the woman I am fortunate to be married to.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully I’ll have some babies and Grammy’s…

What do you want to be remembered for when this is all said and done?

I want to be remembered as someone who was honest and hungry for truth. A man whose lives his life in such a way that leaves people inspired. Ultimately I hope my life points to the love of God.