Do You Feel Safe? You Bet Your 5/8 I Do!

Oh boy did this picture that found it’s way onto Digg this morning spark some emotions inside of me. Facebook, MySpace, Twitter; you name it. Every single website that I go to these days it seems is asking for this password protection that you see beside you. It is a way for companies such as Facebook to knock out smanners and make sure that the people that are accessing their sites are actual individuals and not programs that add friends, search through profiles, etc. The list truly does go on.

But what makes me mad, and very mad at that, is that these are everywhere. I can not even search for concert tickets on Ticketmaster without filling out two or three of these damn things. But what purpose do they serve for us?

Are they protecting us? No, not really. I mean, let’s say you are a musician and you have fans left and right emailing you. But you get so many emails you put up this protection device to apparently stop those spammers. But the thing that gets me, and I have one of these protection devices on my MySpace, is that I get quite a few emails from spammers every single day. I am not a band, but I do receive numerous emails a day from bands.

But I feel bad because every time they send me a message they have to go through this process. Point is I feel that these are simply annoying. I have to sit there, try to figure out what is being spelled out here, and then hope that I spelled it right. And 9 times out of 10 I usually miss a S or a i. Yeah, they tend to be case senstive too. And they never seem to have the same combination.

But what intrigues me about these is what does this code look like? How many lines of code are generating numerous skins as well as combinations of words, letters, and characters? All in all these are simply annoying and I wanted to take a moment to vent. So, with that being said, I want to challenge you. Every time you find a site that has one of these comment that site on this post. I want to see how many sites actually use this. I know, as of now, Netflix, Facebook, MySpace, Ticketmaster, and Digg. I want this list to grow! And I want to know the code. I am needy, I know.