Indy Arts Magazine Has A New Writer

If you were unaware, I am an artist. I am a graphic designer by trade. I am an abstract artist by accident. And I am a writer by passion. Well, this past week I was able to combine all three of those into one happy place. starting with the first issue of Indy Arts Magazine I will be writing a column. I will be writing, for the first issue, a summary of the IDADA First Friday Gallery Tour. I will be going around to some of the galleries doing interviews with spectators, taking photos of them with art, as well as interviewing some gallery owners. I will also be writing a summary of what my thoughts of the event are (this happens every month in case you can not make it out tomorrow) as well as a brief summary of my experience at the event. I have two full pages of content to cover so I am excited to see the results.

But on top of the fact that I will be writing for Indy Arts Magazine I will also be handling some of the layout for the first issue. I will be working hand in hand with Clair Weidman on the overall layout, photo placement, text placement, etc. This is where my training and skills in graphic design come from. I am pretty excited needless to say about the chance to work with such a great concept magazine. And the beauty behind this is that I can do all of this from home, in my free time, while taking two things I love and combining them.

The magazine will be a quad yearly concept to start until she sees if the reception will be what she hopes for. It will be, once it is released in March, found at all the local galleries, grocery stores, etc. Imagine any place that you see a Nuvo and an magazine and you wil be able to find a copy of Indy Arts Magazine. The concept is great as well. She is trying to just make Indianapolis aware of all the great artists that we have in the city, the number of galleries (the total would shock you) we have in the city, and the events that artists can be involved in in the city. It is an exciting time for Clair and for me and my ability to be published in yet another outlet.

In the second issue of the magazine I will be not only writing for the IDADA reviews and interviews but I will also be a featured article. I am having an article written about my career as an artist, my success of 2008 (7 gallery shows in total as well as the cover artist for the 2008 Arts Council of Indianapolis Gallery Guide, an featured artist, and a Pulse Magazine featured artist) as well as the concept that I have for my spring time show. I can not expose too many details but I will be working with a photographer from Scottsdale, Arizona and we will be combining her photos with my script and artwork to show my vision of how sex is portrayed in the media. The show is titled “Sexy Media” and will include abstract work, photography, writing, and live nude models. It is surely going to shock this city and hopefully get me some major exposure. I will be doing a month here in the city of Indianapolis and a month in the city of Phoenix, Arizona.

So in the last three weeks I went from not having even heard of Indy Arts Magazine to being a feature in the second issue, a writer on the staff, and a layout developer for the magazine. It is a crazy small world out there and I am thankful for the chance to have met Clair.

For all of you that are into art and culture please keep an eye out for this magazine. I am taking my contributions very serious with this magazine and I hope that it takes off like it has the potential to do.