All Rise for the Honorable Judge Judy

What is Rocket Science? – Watch more Funny Videos
I used to watch her more than I do now, but I really enjoy watching Judge Judy. I actually enjoy watching all o these TV court cases. I like watching them for a number of reasons. The first is the pure entertainment from their idiotic responses. (This video will serve as exhibit A.) These are either truly scripted and filmed on a Hollywood back set, or these people are really just that stupid. And if that is the case then I feel sorry for a lot of those surrounded by these individuals. But the other reason I like watching them is the way people react to the questions they are asked. Like, in this video, when Judge Judy asks the rhetorical question, “What is rocket science?” she does not expect the girl to answer her. She just wanted to point out that rocket science is often considered the hardest and most challenging of career choices. But this girl decides to answer her. And her answer just makes me laugh. And the way she finishes, with, “I think.” That is just pure comedy right here.

We have the joke books and the on going questions about why blonds tend to be a little more on the slow side for lack of a better term, but I do not think it is just blonds that act like this. I know some pretty stupid brunettes too. But regardless, I hope you can get some enjoyment out of this video. And if you have not watch an episode of Judge Judy I highly suggest you take the time to do so. She is a hilarious woman in her own right (and is an actual judge whether this is scripted or not I do not know) but the show just makes your day seem a little brighter. Compare it to a bad golfer playing an easy course. It just brings up your self esteem a little. Because I know a lot of people and none of them are as dumb as this girl is.