But I Got A BooBoo

Dwayne Wade is hurt. He has a booboo under his eye. And to help fix this booboo (I will no longer be calling it a booboo but rather a potentially career ending injury) he places a band-aid under on it. Of course he does. What do you do when you get a booboo? (Damn, a potentially career ending injury.) You put a band-aid on it. But his band-aid is different. His has a logo on it. His has a name on it. And that logo and name is a branding for the old school character named The Flash. Dwayne has actually had the nickname the Flash for quite some time. I mean, he is fast. He goes from here to there in a matter of no time. (That is there to there for you not paying attention. He is so fast you didn’t even see him run.)

But the NBA has an issue with that. Why you may ask? Well, his wound has healed. It actually healed quite some time ago. But for the same reason I wear wristbands from a concert until they fall off he wears a band-aid for style purposes. Is there anything wrong with that? No, of course not. I mean, sure, it is copyright infringement, but do you think those who created The Flash are going to be mad that their branding being associated with one of the best players in basketball?

But why does the NBA care? I mean, who does it hurt? It is compared to the leggings that Allen Iverson has been sporting for a while. Are they hurting anything? He says they are making him run faster. No, they are not. I am sorry but they are not making this already insanely fast midget run faster up this not so long court.

Maybe Dwayne needs to say that his band-aid is making him see better. Or that he can jump higher. Who knows, maybe the band-aid makes him taller. But the NBA needs to calm down a little. Let him wear the band-aid. Until it falls off, someone trips over it, breaks their ankle, and can not play any longer let him sport the adhesive booboo covering.