I'm Thirsty

I drink water. And if I had some money I would place a bet that you do too. But I might drink some more than most. I drink at least a gallon of water a day. Yes, I know, that seems like a lot of water, but it really is not. Think of a gallon of milk. Or how much your toilet sends down the drain every time you flush. (OK, that last part was a little much but I am trying to paint a visual for you.) But I have read numerous places that the more water you drink the better. But this is for males, not you lovely ladies out there. See, men have a special ability to not retain water. Women, however, retain water. So, if a woman drinks that much water a day she will gain weight, not loose it. So I lucked out on that one.

But this article that I read today caught my attention. This article is talking about children, third world countries, and how their water compares to ours. First off, they live in a third world country, so you can begin to imagine what they have to deal with on a daily basis the way it is. The time that I have spent in Nicaragua has shown me the true meaning, first hand, walking next to these people, of what a third world country is all about. It boggles my mind actually at how dirty and degrading their living conditions are.

But this article was speaking on the water that they are drinking every day. The newest numbers have been released and an average of 1,000 children die every single day in these said countries from unsafe drinking water. The water they are drinking is from the same place they urinate and defecate. They are literally drinking their toilet water. But why is this a big deal? Why does it bother me?

It bothers me because we are spending billions of dollars to be in a war that we are fighting for unknown reasons. We are fighting in countries that have nothing to do with us besides gas prices. We have a president that said he was going to remove troops as soon as he entered office and has shown no sign of doing so. But that is a story for another day and another time.

But my point in all of this is that we are spending all this money on this seemingly pointless war why children are drinking their own toilet water. They live in conditions that you can not even fathom. They are starving to death and doing anything they can to have enough food to eat just to make the next day. Quite frankly we are wasting our money and it is going to the wrong places.

I am grateful for being able to live in this country. I do complain about it quite a bit, and I have my issues with this government, but I am better off than I could be. I get mad when my Internet goes down. I can not imagine being mad that I can not eat for a week. Again, besides the point.

All I am saying is that we are spending out money in the wrong place. Take a fraction of that money and provide these countries with either the facilities to produce clean water, or the Aquafina sponsorship to drink bottled water. Why do we need to spend money lowering out gas prices when our gas prices continue to rise every week. Does this prove our dumb we are as Americans that we can not see the true issues in this world?