Sham Wow! You'll Be Saying Wow Every Time

I know you have seen this guy’s face before. This is Vince Shlomi, or as you might know him, the Sham Wow guy. You have seen his face on the late night infomercials trying to sell you these German made paper towels that can hold 15 times their weight in liquid. I mean, come on, as he said it best himself, the Germans are always making great things. It’s for your house, the car, your boat, the bathroom, the kitchen, you can even use it on yourself when you get out of the shower. Who needs paper towels, or a towel for that matter if you have the Sham Wow. (Listen to me, I sound like I am trying to sell you one myself.)

Vince has been making his way across the TV screen for quite some time selling these magic towels. But recently he has switched his role from salesman to convict. Vince here was arrested last week for getting into an altercation (and you should see his mug shots, they are quite brutal) with a prostitute. He basically got his ass kicked by this woman, the police get involved, and he was arrested.

But why do I bother to write to you about this junk? Well, for a couple of reasons. One, it shows that these people you see on TV in the red eye hours of the night are real individuals with real lives. I mean, it almost becomes a routine because it is the same actors selling you this junk night after night. If it is not Billy May it’s Vince. And before I go any further with this, why do they all wear those ear pieces? They look like they are taking an order at a drive-thru window and not selling these house hold products. I want to know who they are speaking with when they wear those headsets.

But the other reason I bring this up is because of who this Vince character looks like. (If anyone can guess before reading the next line you win a prize.) This guy looks so much like Beavis (who does not have a last name to my knowledge) that it creeps me out. I was a huge Beavis and Butthead fan, still am, and he is the real life version of that cartoon. I mean, look at him. It’s a spitting image.

But I just wanted to bring awareness to all of you out there that own one of these wonder towels that your sales guy pays for sex and beats up the women he makes out with. I just think it is so funny. And by the way, in his mug shot, his hair looks just like this, but he seems to not have shaven in a few days and looks drunk. Just wanted to paint you a visual. (Sorry Josh, I did not post the image. I know, I know, you want to see the images of the things that I am talking about. But, the way I see it, you are smart enough to Google this for yourself if you want to see his mug shot. I am sure that it would not be hard to find. But again, I am sorry that I did not provide this image for Josh’s sake.)