Shaq Cheates Everyone

I talked about this guy a little bit the other day and how he got a 3 minute introduction dance to the All-Star Game in which he did not start. But after the All-Star Game he comes back to the court with an awesome display of talent. Bringing down 11 rebounds and dropping in 45 points in his return to the NBA, Shaq of old was back. Those are the days I remember too when Shaq would walk up and down the court and just drop in 40 points a game like it was nothing. He had fun doing it and well, quite frankly, look how big he is. Are you going to stop him?

Well, Chris Bosh seems to think that he scores that many points because he cheats. Bosh came out after this display of awesome size and domination from Shaq and stated that referees were not calling anything on the big man and basically letting him camp out down low. There is, in the NBA (and more if not all other forms of basketball including college and high school) a 3 second rule. This rule applies to the time that a person can, on offense of defense, stand in the lane. After three seconds you must move out of the lane completely before you go back down low for a chance at 2 points.

There are many good reasons for why this rule exists. One, if you just hang out under the basket you can just throw up crappy shots and still get lucky every once and while. It forces the expansion on the floor. And it draws a ton of fouls being down there. The more guys that are down low the more of a chance a ref will call a foul.

But according to Bosh Shaq was not moving at all and simply standing in the lane waiting for balls to be tossed to him so he could tower over his opponents. But I am not so sure that is a bad thing. Of course, if he was truly breaking the rules and standing in the lane not moving for more than three seconds I am on the side of Bosh, but I doubt the refs would let that happen too many times and not call it.

The thing that gets me is that who cares if he stands down there. God made the man weight 400 pounds and be 7 feet tall for a reason. He also made him have some incredible talent and agility for a man that large. He would not be in the NBA, and be considered one of the best centers to ever play the game, if he was not good at what he does. The point of basketball is to score more points than the other team in the time allowed. Am I wrong? Then who cares how you do it? Who cares if you are putting the big man down low. Look at every single NBA team and tell me their centers are not tall, thick, and just beasts under the board.

I am on Shaq’s side on this one. If you cheated Shaq, well, then learn from it, but I don’t think you did. Get over it Bosh. You are just pissed off that you lost a game that you felt you played well in. Of course, any true fans of my blog would know, I couldn’t even tell you what team Bosh plays for without looking it up. But in the end Shaq is still a better player than you, and you lost the game.