It's Time For A Tea Party

I was in Starbucks a few weeks ago (I know, Panera is so much better. They are cheaper too.) and I wanted to try something different. (Let me let you in on a little secret about Starbucks. Next time you are with a friend (I would not suggest doing this alone) and they ask you what you want, tell them you don’t like coffee or tea. Then, they will look at you perplexed at why you are even in there to begin with, and they will always, ALWAYS, offer to make you something. They will walk you through the “what flavors do you like” routine and they will make you something to try. It works every time that I have tried it. It is a great way to get something for free. We are all pinching pennies, right?)

And at this Starbucks, I was not in the mood to spend money on a coffee that late in the evening. I did the whole, “No, I do not want anything,” trick and I ended up waling away with a London Fog hot tea. What is a London Fog you might ask? Well, it is Earl Grey tea and steamed milk. (I get it with fat free milk, but 2% works just the same.) And the cool thing about this is that it smells and tastes exactly like the milk after you eat a bowl of Fruit Loops. You think I am kidding? I am not. Go get one right now and tell me you did not smell and taste the colors of the rainbow. (Wait, is that Fruit Loops or Trix? I have my cereals confused.)

But the long and short of it, I am hooked. I actually, that same week, read an article that stated tea is the new coffee. There have been numerous studies done and lots of asking questions to the the mix of drinkers, which they prefer and why. And the general consensus is that tea is more enjoyable. I will not make the switch just yet, quite frankly because the caffeine in coffee, but it is an interesting concept.

But the reason that I am here with you today is the image you see above you. The collection of images was lacking of variety, but it just ads to the creative factor that I am basically obsessed with right now. You see these tea bags all the time (stop laughing) and you are always dropping the string in the water, or having to use a spoon to get anything out of the leaves that are all wrapped up. Why did you never think of this? This is insane obvious and I am so mad that I get trumped two days in a row with things I use all the time. (Speaking of Trump, do you know that he carries a +3 handicap? That is insane. There are guys on tour that carry that. Tiger only carries a +7. I had no idea the Donald could play.)

I just think it is so interesting that people are taking every day objects to the next level. We are doing it Nike logo simple, and they are not costing us much of anything. We save time, frustration, and can open the door to the future with our modern day thinking. Hold on, I need to go get a cup of tea.