Kanye West Likes to Eat Fish Sticks

I am sure that some of you saw the latest episode of South Park. But for those of you who did not, well, you need to do yourself a favor and click on the image you see above you and watch this episode. South Park has gone to a whole new level of funny with this one and quite frankly, I am glad they did.

In this episode, titled Fish Sticks, the boys from the mountains decide to write some comedy. In the process they create a joke that goes, “Do you like fish sticks?” The common answer is, “Yes.” “Do you like putting fish sticks in your mouth?” Again, the common answer is yes. “Then you are a gay fish.”

Don;t get it? Just watch the episode and you will. It in itself is funny enough to get me laughing. But then when they bring in Kanye West and Carlos Mencia into the mix things start to get interesting. Kanye, the voice of a generation (which comes from his recent battle with his overwhelmingly huge ego) does not quite understand the joke. He thinks that people are literally calling him a gay fish. He does not find it funny and basically wants to solve the issue by killing those involved. Long story short they spend the majority of the episode picking on Kanye and his attitude.

By the end of the episode Kanye is swimming around having sex with fish. Again, it is much funnier if you watch the episode. You simply can not appreciate it based on what I am saying here.

But the main reason I wanted to bring up this episode is that I want to hear your thoughts on this show. What are your thoughts on South Park in general? Do you watch it? Do you enjoy it’s rude, crude, and immature humor? Do you understand why this show has been around for more than ten years and is still one of the most anticipated shows on TV?

I think that the two guys that started this show are geniuses. They capture humor for adults in the mind set of elementary school students. They walk around swearing and talking about sex and murder and drugs and it’s funny. They get into trouble every week and not too many weeks go by where Kenny, the famed hooded boy, does not go without getting killed himself. I mean, think about the set up. You have four boys who are all in the same class. The teacher is a homosexual. The boys range from Cartman being the over weight and self conscious one, Stan being the normal of the group but never respect, Kyle who is the Jew (enough said), and Kenny who is a poverty stricken and beaten child. The comedy nearly writes itself.

The show actually started by taking stop motion video footage of cardboard and construction paper. The voices were pretty much all the original two creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, and was turned down my more than one major network TV channel. Comedy Central picked it up, gave it a chance, and the rest is history. The boys have been making fun of everything from President Bush to Britney Spears and I see no end in site. When they can now, using Adobe Illustrator to create the characters, produce shows in as little as two weeks, they can hit on things that are current in the news and in media. I mean, Britney Spears gets out of a car with no panties and a few weeks later the boys are following her around pretending to be her children. That is why this show has no end, until the writers want to give it up, because you are never going to run out of stupid celebrities and ignorant politicians. I look forward to next Wednesday for another new episode of South Park.

And by the way, Kanye West is the voice of our generation. He is a genius.