My Sword is Bigger than Yours

OK, I want to make a stand for geeks everywhere. Some people might consider me a geek, nerd, or dweeb. But I usually will argue that I am not. Sure, I sit behind a computer all day every day, and I am never a pocket away from my iPhone, but I do not place myself into the category of geek. I would, however, say that I am a closet geek with a touch of sensibility and a sense of fashion.

But I wanted to make you aware of a couple of things that brings the word geek to the fore front of national news. The first thing that excites me is that Indianapolis has made the front page of Digg. Don’t tell me you do not know what Digg is. OK, go research and find out what it is and come back when you have figured it out. Get with the times, Digg is incredible and I breathe for Digg. (OK, I breathe for golf, but Digg is up there. I enjoy everything they offer. Like Walmart but on the web.)

Indianapolis has made not only the front page of Digg. But not for the kind of reasons that I would like it to have made it’s journey. A few days ago, a woman was killed. She was actually stabbed. She was trying to be nice, the bigger person in the situation, and ended the day by meeting her maker. She was stabbed while trying to break up a sword fight between two adolescent males. (The guy up there is one of them.) But why is that funny to me?

It is funny to me because who in the hell has a modern day sword fight. And I am not talking about the first thing that came to my mind (because that would just be either gross or impressive) but all out swords from mid evil times. Take a second to think about this though. A sword fight right here in the Midwest.

And you know, the thing that gets me is why the woman was trying to intervene. She was obviously thinking that they were serious here, and who knows, maybe they were being serious. She was trying to save someone from getting hurt. And she ends up dead. Is this like the modern day hand gun? Should I be packing a sword instead of my 9. (OK, I think that is what people whom carry guns say, but I don’t know. I have never held a gun, a real one anyway, in my hands in my life. I am just trying to paint you a picture here.)

The only good thing coming from this is that the police are charging the sword fighters with attempted murder. How funny would that be though?

“Hey man, what are you in here for?”

“Oh, you know, the usual. Killed an old lady with a sword.”