That is One Cool Mouse

I want to touch base on an object that every single person, except for those who make these crucial pieces of hardware, take for absolute granted. And the only reason I wanted to talk about these things today is because of the image that you see above you. I am a long time gamer, and a full time computer user, and the little guy that brings me here to you today is the mouse.

The mouse that you see above you might be one of the coolest designs I have ever seen. Of course you have the standard black and gray and white designs that you see all the time, and even the ones that carry a brand name with them, like the Mighty Mouse from Apple. But that does not encourage, when it is time to buy a new mouse, some research and some patience in choosing the right one. Like for me, for example, I sit in front of a computer all day and all night working on web design, graphic design, blogging, and an absolute obsessive media presence for myself and my company. So this is something that my hand has fit itself into. I have actually, in the past, have been diagnosed with carpel tunnel. (If you have never had it, I do not suggest it. It is painful (especially when the seasons change) and sometimes the pain does not go away for days.)

But how many of you use a mouse on a daily basis? Everyone that touches a computer uses either a mouse or a touch pad, so if you said no, you are lying! But this raises a few more questions of just pure interest than the fact that this stuff is taken for granted. For instance, the amount of miles that your mouse travels in a life time. You are moving your mouse ALL the time. But have you ever thought that if you took your mouse on a road trip how far it would actually go? I do not know the exact answer, but I am sure that you would find numerous answers. But I do remember, a couple of years ago at least, seeing an article that said if you were to do just what I said that you could go to the moon and back three times in the amount of distance that your mouse travels. Can you imagine that?

The other thing that I wanted to touch on is a mouse that was released not too long ago by Logitech. This mouse was not just your normal mouse. You see, I for example, use a flash drive to store all my data. It is on my keys as if it were in my pocket it would for sure get lost. And this flash drive holds just about a gig worth of data. But this new mouse coming from Logitech is a wireless mouse, sure, but also a 2 gigabyte flash drive. You plug the thing in and the mouse works, the flash drive works, and your data is always moving where ever your hand goes.

Think about that for a second. How cool would that be? You are working on something and you simply save it to your mouse! What does that mean for the future of data storage? We are getting close (they say 10 years at most) to the end of the road as far as data storage is concerned. With over 200,000 websites going live each and every day we very well could run out of space sooner than that. (No I do not actually design all 200,000 of them.)

I just wanted to one, raise attention to the cool mouse design that you see above you, and two, tell you about the other mice that are hitting the shelves around the world. Logitech is a great place to find cool new innovative gadgets. They are a little pricey but in the computer world you really do get what you pay for. (Of course that is unless you have a Best Buy store discount that will get you about 85% off everything you touch.)

What kind of mouse do you use? Can anyone find a mouse that has a meter that measures distance on it? I would love to see how far my mouse travels in one day. or how many keys I have struck on my keypad. I mean, I assume that since the letters are beginning to wear out in less than a year that I hit the keys a lot more than I think. But it does make you wonder.