That is One Lucky Seal

I like music. I am obsessed with music. I have a collection that stacks over 5,000 albums. I have music that ranges from rock to rap to country and dance. I listen to Yanni on a near weekly basis. I enjoy my share of Keith Urban. (His new album is nothing more than his last, but it has some catchy singles on it.) I listen to radio stations all over the world that play dance music, chill music, lounge music, and even a couple of gay radio stations in Chicago and London. (Yes, I said gay radio stations. I am sorry, but they plays some of the best music on the radio right now.)

While I am at work I tend to listen to Slacker Radio (which has an awesome selection of stations to fit any mood) or iTunes radio where I find more stations than I could ever listen to. I listen to Pandora from time to time (although they have some issues with repeat songs) and even throw some AOL Radio in the mix. When I am in a Michael Jackson mood I can tune into AOL Radio and listen to a station that plays nothing but his music.

And an individual that you have all heard before, unless you have been living under a rock, has been spinning in my iPhone for months now. Having released two albums in the last two years (one of them making my famed top five list) he has continued to impress me. His first hit was featured in a Batman film (no idea which one) and he has been seen on the Space Jam soundtrack as well as some other places such as commercials and in some films. But he came out with an experimental album last year that blew me away. I mean, besides the fact that I am hooked on dance music, he challenged what he had been doing all along and decided to stretch his voice and scream for the dance floor.

The album did very well on the charts and forced him into yet another experimental venture. He decided to record an album of all covers. They were slow tracks that were more of a Las Vegas in the 50’s feel. His voice, whether reaching to the middle of the DJ booth or to the hearts of Grandma’s everywhere, is polished and true. He produces a similar sound for each track yet always managed to keep me listening around every corner.

But I am not here to talk about his music. I wanted to touch base on his love life. And while his love life is none of my business, it is all over the media. Especially when his insanely hot wife, super model Heidi Klum is involved. And today it was announced that they will be having a baby. (How many months do those things take to cook?)

Now that is nothing new. People have babies all the time. Even celebrities. Look at Brad and Angelina. They are pulling in kids almost every week it seems. But there is something a little cool about this couples children. Currently they have two. Now, if you are not sure who this couple is, let me give you a little background on them.

Seal is an African-American. (See how I keep that politically correct?) Heidi is Caucasian. (See, I did it again. We can not have another angel food cake episode on our hands.) This melting pot duo have had two babies together; one white, one black. (OK, you can not expect me to use the PC version through out the rest of this post.)

How often does that happen? Well, it’s well over a one in a million chance that a mixed couple will produce a child of one color or the other.

So when they announced that they were having a third child, I was immediately intrigued. Will the child be white? Will she (it’s a girl) be black? Or will it be what science meant to produce, a mixed child. (There is nothing wrong with biracial couples. I do not want you to get the wrong impression here.)

Seal actually just toured not too long ago with a buddy of mine, Josh Kelley. Josh has said numerous times how fun Seal is and how great of a father he is. And I can imagine. Seal once started his career in fashion. He actually went to school to become a fashion designer. That all changed, he started to sing, got good, and married a hot super model to help his career along. (Josh did the same thing with marrying Katherine Heigl.)

So where does media need to draw the line? What is it any of our business what Seal and his wife are doing? Why do they have to hold a public media press conference to announce something like this? This is like the swine flu scare. (Stick with me here.) You take something that does not even matter and throw it in our faces and force us to care. Why do I care about a flu that has not killed a single person in the United States? (While the regular flu has killed over 15,000 already this year.) So why do I care that they are having a baby? People get pregnant all the time. They are not all over the newspapers and magazines announcing their “success” for the world to see.

I guess more than anything it just makes me think. It makes me wonder what being a celebrity would be like. If every time something in my life happened that was out of the ordinary (other than eating a bowl of cereal for breakfast) that I would have to hold a press conference. Where is the line drawn for personal privacy? Pictures of the Brangelina babies go for millions of dollars to the highest bidder. Why?

By the way, I sent Seal and Heidi a card congratulating them on their newest addition! I am so excited!